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    I'll be there on launch day at Sprint (just like I was with my orig Pre).
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    I got my Pre the second day it was out. Sadly it is the one I am just now going to replace...
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    The manager of my local Sprint store (corporate) knew of the new "Palm 3" and was looking forward to it. A rep at the store in the next city over (non corp store) mentioned the original Pre getting webOS 2.0. I had to be the one to inform him that wasn't happening. Poor reps are sometimes more out of the loop than we are. Here's to hoping what the OP said is true.

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    If sprint passed on the Pre3, I'm going postal.........

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    putting "Confirmation" in quotations defeats the purpose of using the word.
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    Quote Originally Posted by warlord9159 View Post
    If sprint passed on the Pre3, I'm going postal.........

    As am I. My upgrade is due now and my wifes is due 4-1-11. Need a date soon.
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    That's what I'm holding out for. I was actually swapping out my second pre at a sprint store in tampa yesterday and they too heard sprint was getting Pre3.
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    I'm sure they will. Sort of goes along with their schedule. I swear...Sprint introduces one new smartphone every two to four months. Almost seems like AT&T and Verizon each introduce two to four new smartphones every month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joek71 View Post
    Sprint has exclusive to Palm, HP is honoring that. I think Hp will also release it on AT&T for the GSM but for CDMA it will be Sprint. Since Palm has deep roots with Sprint and Sprint helped out Palm when they had financial problems, HP is respecting this and will gowith Sprint but will have a bigger push then Palm did with the original. Any day HP and Sprint will make this announcement.
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    Ill believe it when it is in my hands yelling out " It's about $%*&^@! time!
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    Being a Sprint customer at this point in history requires a heck of a lot of optimism. No just the cup is half full, more like the cup overfloweth with air.

    Apparently, being a Sprint employee requires the same over reaching optimism.
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    My wife and I both have Palm Pres on the Sprint network. My family share plan is up on 4-1-11 as well. However, sprint is now changing the way they do rebates:

    Sprint Premier Program Changing 4/1/11 -

    So, I will loose my $150 credit towards a new phone and my wife will loose her $150 credit on 4-1. Yes we get some credit back, but not a full $300. I called Sprint about this and they did confirm the info is correct. The Sprint Rep told me to upgrade a phone before 4-1 or I will miss out.

    I guess I will wait until March to see what happens, if Palm does not have a device at Sprint by then... Hello Android!!

    I would prob switch to an Evo because this:

    "Sprint MAY be nixing the $10 4G data fee: Sprint Nixing $10 Premium Data Fee? | "
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    Quote Originally Posted by agranda View Post
    ..."Sprint MAY be nixing the $10 4G data fee: Sprint Nixing $10 Premium Data Fee? | "
    And replacing it with plans that are 10 dollars more.
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    so if the plans are $10 more is Sprint the cheapest network for "Simply Everything?"
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    Not for me. With ATT now. For some, the plans will be cheaper and fit better, but I don't think Sprint cares much for the "leader in cheap" moniker.

    Once they started to gain customers instead of lose them, they switched to earn money mode. The days of super cheap Sprint plans are nearing or at an end.

    I could end up being wrong on this, but I doubt it.
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    Here's my contribution, completely without pix, documentation, etc.

    Went to our local repair center, a franchisee, which is much more responsive and knowledgeable than the local corporate store. The guy there did say that they would be getting the Pre 3, but he couldn't say when. He says that they received word, but they would not get more specific info until ~6 weeks before release.

    I asked about the changes in data plans, and he tried to reassure me that my update status would be honored (eligible 4/1), and that the proposed changes discussed here apply only to new contracts. (That took a little more salt, but I'm hopeful in the "overflowing with air" sense.)

    To his credit, he said that he jumped ship from AT&T a month ago, because he was fed up there and "liked the company (Sprint)" much more.

    So, take this as you will. I was encouraged!
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    Funny, asked the same question at my local Sprint store. When I asked all three of the reps working there started to laugh. When I asked why they were laughing they said they had just been talking about it before I came in the door because they were all previous Pre users.

    They said they all hope Sprint would get the Pre3 but that they were upset they had not seen anything mentioned anywhere within Sprint.

    When I told them I was leaving to go to Android for a year, they all laughed again and pulled out their Android phones too.
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    Hey guys i think i know why the pre3 is not 4g... just read an article stating sprint is getting ready to switch to LTE. HP probably got caught in that limbo... i feel like there will be another webos phone for sprint 4g by the end of the year~!!
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