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    Hoping we get Pre 3's tonight at the developer event. If I get one, I'll be selling it on eBay. If not, then .. oh well. Hope there's free food and cool people to talk to.
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    I have my original day 3 (6/10) Pre- which still works, crack on the side working it's way to the screen, USB cover still intact... been waiting for flash, waiting for the Pre+, waiting for webos 2.X, waiting for Pre2. I love my Sprint service, but getting tired of waiting for Palm/HP & Sprint. Coworkers have the Epic and it is a nice looking phone, just don't think the Pre3 is worth waiting for, especially if it is not going to Sprint anyways.

    Very sad day
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    can't wait for the pre 3! It's the phone I've been waiting for! So glad I didn't jump on the android or apple bandwagon!
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    Don't even know if it's coming to sprint... Will be looking at other devices in the mean time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfgoat View Post
    I'll be staying.

    I think this presentation was rushed. They got a little scared when Verizon advertised the IPhone, so they threw out a bone for us to gnaw on for a bit.

    I'll do anything to stay away from itunes, and I can't bring myself to own an Android.
    HP announced this event before the Verizon iPhone 4 was announced. In fact, Apple decided to release the Verizon iPhone 4 the day after this event because they wanted to steal any possible thunder.
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    I may stay depending on more details on the "something special" for owners of older hardware when the Pre 3, the Veer, and the TouchPad hit the market.
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    I've struggled for nearly 18 months using the Pre minus. I picked it up in August last year when I left AT&T due to bad customer service and switched to Sprint. I was happy with the Pre at first, and I was hopeful that I'd get apps I really wanted like Shazam... but they never came. I use the web browser very often, and sometimes I'd get the too many cards message with one page open sometimes. That problem kind of stopped after I overclocked to 1 GHz. I also had to change out my original Pre because a problem with the volume rocker, and now my current Pre is starting to get out of shape. The charger door cover fell off, and the headphone jack came loose. I've had poor battery life on the device since day 1 and can barely make it through a day of moderate use.

    Even after all this though, I think I will get a Pre 3. The overall user experience of webOS is nice, and the true multitasking is pleasant. The build quality of the Pre 3 looks about the same as the Pre 2 which many here seem to claim as a great improvement. Also, having the 512mb of RAM would likely solve the too many card problem, and the 1.4 GHz processor should render webpages really quick. I am hopeful the good apps will still come if HP gives this a huge push, and seeing an app like Kindle and Skype being announced is a great sign.

    I just hope the Pre 3 comes to Sprint since it would make my decision very easy. If it goes to AT&T, then no based on my past experience there. If it goes to Verizon, it'll be difficult to not consider an iPhone for the same monthly price.

    So... yes, I would wait for a Pre 3 since it should make up for the shortcomings of the Pre minus.
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    The Pre 3 is exactly the phone I want for my upgrade to the original launch day Pre. I've never even had any hardware problems with mine. It just needs to come out on Sprint is all.
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    I can upgrade now and have been able to since Jan. 1st. Will wait to see if the Pre # comes to Sprint. If so I will get it. If not then time to be a sheeple and get an Android device as I'm not leaveing Sprint.
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    I will absolutely NOT wait for the pre3, I ready to toss my sprint pre in the trash and switch to android. I'm going to next month. I'm a fool for sticking around this long thinking we'd get WebOS 2.0.

    I'm totally done with WebOS and HP/Palm. They have crapped all over us early adopters. Good luck HP! By the time your new WebOS products come to market the iPad2 will be out, the iphone5 might be out, a ton of tegra2 android phones will be out, and nobody will give a flying F about the pre3 or the touchpad.

    Developers, how ever many are even left, run far far away from this platform.
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    I need to have carrier information before I can say whether or not I'm gonna get a Pre 3. Will I wait? That depends on Pre 2 off contract Verizon pricing. The Pre 2 is going to be $100 under contract, but what about off contract? Could it really be $450? I highly doubt there would be a subsidy of $350 on the device. $250, maybe. If the Pre 2 is $350 or less off contract, I'll be buying a Pre 2, and then a Pre 3 this "Summer" under contract, depending on carrier/4G support.
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    yes i will
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    If this is the Best HP can do I'm afraid Apple will bury them when the Ipad 2 and Iphone 5 arrive. As for me, Loved the WebOs, but I'm already gone. Too many replacement Pre Plus's and Pre 2 and 3 will suffer from the Bad rap of the previous pre's. I'm back to the Berry Bold and Happy with the hardware. I'm up for a upgrade in october, so I will re-evaluate the HP line up, But looks like the Iphone 5 and a new Ipad for me. Lets face facts, No matter how good the OS, Without top notch hardware and most of all PROGRAMS, there's NO future in buying. HP already has 3 strikes against them right out of the gate. No Hardware till Summer??? Bad Reputation on the Pre Phones, and Minimal Program choices. I say, Sorry HP, I wish Blackberry would have made a serious bid for the WebOs Operating system, They would have already been selling Top quality hardware with WebOs, in more form factors than a Pre style phone.
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    My upgrade is not for a while, but regardless i will be getting the pre3 on the first day.
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    I'll get whatever HP/Palm phone that ends up on Sprint.

    BTW, I'm happy with my Pre minus. Never struggled with it.

    And I'm not eligible for an upgrade anyways until late Spring.

    And most importantly... it's just a phone people.
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    I think I've decided I'll wait. Until then I'll docter my pixi to webos 2.0 and just make it last me. Hell I may even wait a little longer for whatever the next step after the pre 3 is. But I think it seems like a good phone and definitely don't think it will be outdated when it's launched.
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    Im not sure Ill wait either. Ive been sitting on my upgrade since May of '09!!!!!! I bought my release day Pre out of contract (on second one since I killed the first on in my Jeep tailgate by accident) and the hardware is running into the ground. This was a huge let down. I really wanted a slab device but I dont mind the slide form factor... Im just tired of the SAME form factor Ive been staring at for a year and a half. As much as I hate Android, I might be jumping ship... or worse, give Steve Jobs my money on Verizon... he doesnt lie or b.s. his products other than calling them 'magical'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thead View Post
    The Pre 3 is exactly the phone I want for my upgrade to the original launch day Pre. I've never even had any hardware problems with mine. It just needs to come out on Sprint is all.
    it's like you read my mind and experience with my palm pre. I never had any problems with my pre. It works nearly flawlessly.

    the Pre 3 is exactly what I need. A world phone, so I can travel and only use one phone for both business and leisure. Better build quality and a bigger screen without being overly large. A camera that's good quality and a front facing camera for video calls. There is absolutely nothing else more I want in my next phone.

    4g isn't needed in my phone ( just get a mobile 4g router aka the overdrive). I want to use 4g for my laptop.

    the second the sprint releases the Pre 3 I will buy it with no hessitation.
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    Sprint customer. Not leaving. I had an Android phone(Moment) and bought my wife a Pixi at the same time. After a year with a crappy Android phone and experience, I bought a used Pre off of Craigslist. Love, LOVE WebOS, but this BS. If a WP7 phone comes out on Sprint sooner I am gone. That Pre3 is lovely though...
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    with 5 apps partially implemented for the recently abandoned 'upcoming' meego phone from nokia, i'm looking at the pre now myself - and wondering what sort of effort porting from Qt to the pre will take.

    i figure i should get a pre and use it daily for a while: try to get into the mindset of the UX. this leads to the question of whether i should buy a recent pre or wait for the pre3. which led to, "wait, what the heck is the pre2 versus pre3? was i under a rock when pre2 came out"? seriously, i had no idea there was a pre2 until just now.

    one thing that strikes me as odd is how different the cultures are between palm and nokia with regards to carrier subsidies. almost every post i read regarding the 'pre2 or pre3' question mentions waiting for their upgrade availability or already having it now and needing to buy the pre2 now instead of waiting for the pre3.

    this is just crazy to me: it'd be like finding out that everyone who has DSL from Verizon also buys their computers from verizon and waits until their DSL contract is about to expire before buying a new computer (and feels the NEED to buy a new computer at the same time as their contract is expiring, even if the machine they really want is coming 6 months later). sure it's a valid way of doing things, but take that computer analogy and really think about it for a sec: that's a very different culture than you're used to regarding your computer, isn't it? vastly different.

    i wonder how this difference affects the mindset of the userbase? from the culture i am now abandoning (well, you could say nokia abandoned me first i suppose) the norm is to buy unlocked mobiles at face value, but then to get significant monthly savings by not being locked into a specific carrier or plan (ie: the network never knows when i tether, charges me the cheapest rates for data, etc).

    also, in the nokia world firmware updates come more quickly and readily for unlocked devices than for carrier dependent devices. is that not the case with the pre?

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