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    In celebration of many Precentral user's frustration I present Hp's webOS announcement via Xtranormal.

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    This is hilarious and so so so true.... H/P ****ed up so so so so big. JR is going to loose control of this unit by next year.
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    Thanks! I needed that!
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    I totally agree with that, so true.
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    This video should be at precentral's first page
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    "screw it! Let's go buy some motto razors on ebay!"


    I'll but a pre3. And i'll love it. And i'll spend the next 2 years waiting for updates like a sucker. I'm used to it. It's a life style at this point.
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    Would be funny IF it weren't SO TRUE!!!!

    Ruby is a loser.
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    lol thanks guys. I still love HP but this situation is too crazy to believe!
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    That was hilarious and all true

    "Ruby likes to crush dreams.." too funny
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    minus the profanity, that was an LOL
    ...This programming stuff is actually addictive but really hard :/
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    Oh my god, that's amazing.

    "Won't 100 Android phones come out by summer?"
    "Won't the iPad 2 come out by summer?"
    "Won't the iPhone 5 come out by summer?"
    "So won't all the webOS fans be gone by summer?"
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    Its a must see video.
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