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I want my next phone to have LTE/WiMAX because I'm going to have it for two years. Verizon has LTE and Sprint has WiMAX at my school (Rutgers) and in NYC.

The Pre 3 is supposed to be HP's high-end phone, and it has to go up against the 4G phones coming out this summer. So I'll wait for a 4G webOS phone (unless my Pre Plus breaks, in which case I'll regrettably switch).
I imagine that the Rutgers campus and I know that much of NYC has free WiFi networks, so I still don't see why you feel the need for 4G. Considering when the 4G phones come out en masse in the summer that they will most likely have tiered data packages, unlimited 3G access without an additional charge for data I may not really use is a better selling point to me.