View Poll Results: Which for factor do you prefer: HP Pre 3 or HP 4" webOS slab form factor

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  • HP Pre 3 Vertical slider

    199 62.19%
  • HP 4" thin slab form factor

    121 37.81%
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    I love the Pre's form factor and im glad they're standing behind it. If i wanted a brick i'd go buy one of the dozens that are already available on the market
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    that's good and well but they're missing a big segment of the market by not having a slab. No ones arguing against the pre 3. It's definitely an improvement of a failed device. Having the option of a slab would only help there chances of succeeding in the smartphone market.
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    I could definitely fall in love with the Pre 3. Just two things to consider:

    1) they should add a sensor for keyboard in/out. If it is in, I should have a way to use it as a slab only, means: a virtual keyboard by HP, which is available everywhere (just type for example). With the current 1.4.5 homebrew keyb, I can't find a way to have it displayed when I am on the home screen for example.

    2) The Pre 3 still wows me. I would buy it today! I am quite sure this won't be the case in like 6 months or so. There is quite a chance it will look old compared to the market once it is available.

    Oh, and 3) Compensate for my Pre 1 which will not receive 2.0, HP! Offer a good trade-in or something. Oh well, I actually would like to keep my Pre 1 as a backup, we don't know yet what the Pre 3 build-quality will be. So some kind of fair compensation, please.
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    I think CHOICE is key. I would like to see the slab form factor and all that it might bring. Having said that, I'm very excited about the Pre3! The timing is perfect for me and my current VzW contract.
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    Pre 3 all the way, unless the VK on the slab is -amazing-. But even then, yeah, I think the Pre 3 is for me. Maybe a Plus
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    Slab if it had a great VK like that on 3.0 otherwise pre3 all the way

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    Quote Originally Posted by etphoto View Post
    Thanks for posting this poll. It shows the opposite what the slab whiners are saying, that everyone wants the slab. I like to think the precentral crowd is more intelligent when it comes to wireless devices than the average consumer and this poll is an indicator what the precentral crowd is demanding (if the poll stays the same that is).

    I kind of wonder what kind of marketing survey HP took in order to decide on sticking with the current form factor.

    This type of thinking is what will doom a company. By your logic HP should simply stick with the portrait-slider style because 2/3 of the voters prefer it and slab-be-damned.

    Let's say, for the sake of argument, that this poll accurately reflects the results that would be obtained if HP were to compile statistics from nationwide research. Based on this, do you think that the smart thing for them to do would be to say, "Well, 2/3 of the voters in our research poll prefer the portrait-slider so we should stick with that and let other manufacturers worry about a slab phone."

    Or, might it be a better business decision for them to say, "Hey, by sticking with a portrait-slider only we're missing out on business from 1/3 of the potential market."

    Wouldn't the best business decision be for them to create offerings for both consumer tastes? Please don't tell me that they HAVE to pick one or the other. They are a multi-billion dollar company and have more than enough resources to put toward offering anything that consumers want.

    It's this narrow-minded thinking that is causing HP heartburn as it currently stands. I think their lack of experience in the mobile space is what's killing them most right now. I don't doubt that they have enlisted seasoned veterans in the mobile arena to help them in the decision-making process. However, I think the fact that they are still green in this area is something they need to get through "tout de suite" or else risk being left in the dust by the rest of the industry and its consumers.
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    I am not sure it's necessarily narrow-minded. He simply stated that the poll demonstrates a preference (in those polled) for slider over the slab. He notes a difference between poll results and the often stated "Everyone wants a slab!" mantra. Seems more like an observation to me.

    Also, I see no issues with your reasoning that the other 1/3 of customers is important to serve as well.

    I am also interested in what research was done to decide on the continuing with the Pre form factor.
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    I wish something would be released soon... in like 60 days...

    Pure pipe dream though, it aint happenin!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    Be patient, I think they will offer a slab phone after the TouchPad launches. The development work they need for the TouchSlab will be what makes a slab phone possible. Stuff like a fantastic on-screen keyboard, landscape for all apps, leverage for larger screen, etc.
    I think you're on the right track, but that it has more to do with gestures than the VK.

    Slabs are basically a small tablet and I don't think you'll see a gesture area on the eventual HP slab phone. Grab an Evo and swipe along the button row and ask yourself if that's really anywhere near as comfortable as it was on a Pre and whether you want to be doing that dozens of times a day. The gestures that will be used on the tablet device will make a lot more sense for a slab phone.

    Until webOS 3.0 is ready, I don't think you'll see a slab phone. Even with 2.0, the UI is still too focused around the keyboard+gesture area+touchscreen model to provide a good slab phone experience. I think at this point it would just be a hackjob of a phone that would not provide the kind of fluid user experience we've come to expect from webOS.
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    I won't vote in this poll because there is no "The first kick **** WebOS hardware released on Sprint" option.

    I don't really care if it's a slider or a slab. I just want new cutting edge WebOS hardware on sprint.
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    The reason for posting the poll was to really know if there is more of me out there that are disappointed from HP and the lack of a slab form factor.

    I am an iPhone user, have been since the beginning. I have an iPhone 4 now and hardware is the best out there. Software not so much. I would have switched in a heartbeat if HP offered iPhone4 like hardware with webOS on board. That would have been a dream phone that would have made more people like me switch.

    I have nothing against the Pre 3, it is great but it wont be a hit. It wont turn any iPhone4, Evo 4G Droid X user into a webOS user. You people seem to forget that hardware is just as important as software and for the average Joe's out there its the deciding factor when they buy a phone. They want the shiniest thing, the COOLEST THING OUT THERE.

    Wonder why the iPhone4 is the best selling phone in the planet? All you Pre 3 lovers try to find a sensible answer to this question?

    The average Joe will buy an iPhone4 over a Pre 3 for a 100 years to come.
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    I honestly like them both. I love a physical keyboard, but at the same time my old eyes really need more screen real estate these days. The bottom line is that it would have been nice to have options to satisfy the masses, but for now it doesn't appear to be the case.
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