View Poll Results: Which for factor do you prefer: HP Pre 3 or HP 4" webOS slab form factor

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  • HP Pre 3 Vertical slider

    199 62.19%
  • HP 4" thin slab form factor

    121 37.81%
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    Here's the thing: even if they'd announced a slab device, if ti wasn't releasing for 4 months or more like the Pre 3, who cares?! They should have had Sprint's CEO or VP on stage saying, "And these go on sale on Sprint in 2 weeks!"
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    After owning a horizontal slider (Epic 4g) I think vertical sliders work better. A slab might work but a dell venue pro seems like the best device .

    Pre 3 seems great, the keyboard looks solid, screen is gorilla glass, 3.6" is way better than 3.1" curved pebble shape means it will feel great in hand and while 1250 mAH seems low this is a 2nd gen snapdragon so it does require lower power to operate (screen is bigger so it might negate the benefits of a lower operation power) however, my PRE saw better battery life with newer updates so maybe they have done their internal testing and the device will have comparable battery life to everything else out there.

    Just an FYI my Epic 4g lasts even less time than my PRE. Only after disabling the DRM does it last longer (but it is on by default). Any way, if the battery is replaceable a new battery can be installed so not a biggie for me.
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    Again, slabs are not dominating the market. Where do you people come up with this stuff? Your statement is wildly inaccurate. Have you ever heard of phones like the Motorola Droid and Droid 2? Samsung Epic 4G, HTC G1 and G2?

    So now it's well portrait sliders are failed. Make up your mind and quit crying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ermir4444 View Post
    The phone market is a very hostile place. HP needs to be aggressive if they want market share. Their phones need to be flagship devices among carries and Pre 3 will never be one.

    Just look at the flagship devices among carries right now:
    iPhone 4, Galaxy S, Atrix 4G, Droid Bionic, Thunderbolt,Evo 4G.
    They all have some things in common: They are over powered, jumbo screened slabs. They constantly improve on their screen rez slimness and battery life. The Pre 3 does not have the WOW factor that those phones have. Pre 3 does not have a vivid AMOLED screen, it does not have Retina display or QHD resolution, it does not have a slim 9 mm profile, it does not have a 1900 mAp battery. Those are the wow factors that conquer peoples minds and make these phones sell like hot cakes.

    The vertical qwerty slider is not a winning formula in the customer mind. Just look at the Venue Pro and BB Bold. They aren't exactly runaway successes. Hp needs a slim 4" slab superphone to regain that wow factor that they already have in the software. WebOS is a beautiful OS (on my opinion the best) but the hardware does not match up. Hell even A downsized Touchbook would do. If they do not come up with such hardware in the near future (march event) they will too far behind.
    Dell venue pro would have sold like hot cakes were it not for the fact that it is "broken". It is still not fixed. It got a really bad reputation and was delayed constantly.
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    I've played with larger phones (Evo, Droid 2), and the large screens are nice, but they're not very portable. I think the Pre 3's 3.6 inch screen is a nice compromise. Plus it looks to be fairly thin even with a slider keyboard (which by the way I love having). So I voted for the Pre 3. If it were available today, I would go running to the store to get it.
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    Pre 3.
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    I am attached to the pre design. I have tried several slab phones and just do not like them. I don't like horizontal kb because it is uncomfortable and cannot be used one handed. I wanted a 4" screen, but with the touchpad, 3.6 is big enough. Summer can't come fast enough. I don't know if my old pro will hold on that long.
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    Pre style slider with bigger screen is exactly the kind of phone I wanted.

    I'll give HPalm a 9.0 for style and a 1.0 for execution
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    Yea I actually think that the size of the Pre 3 is perfect. I love the slider and plus, webos 2.0 and above has code for a virtual keyboard so if u don't want to use the hardware keyboard, you wouldn't have to. The Pre 3 is pretty thin from the looks of it, records hd video, will get skype video chat according to HP (we will see about that. Not holding my breath on anything though), and finally offers a bigger screen than the iPhone. And no it doesn't have the most amazing resolution but to be honest, I have a iPod touch 4th gen with a retina display and I still feel fine using my Pre minus which has a lower resolution than the the Pre 3. Overall i think the reaolution is fine So it wouldn't be a problem. If this thing was released soon (still not sure why they made it a summer release date), it would actually be one of the beat spec'd devices out there due to it's newer processor and such. Webos would run so smoothly on it. I think that if HP actually follows through with everything, they could have a winner. I look at this new device line as a new beginning for HP. I guess we will just have to see how this all plays out.
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    Slab for sure. I was hoping for two things: a slab with 4G. However, I have come to the agreement with myself if they put 4G in the Pre 3, I will get it.
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    Pre3 all day

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    Quote Originally Posted by damien88 View Post
    Is it too much to ask from HP to give us the choice of both?

    That's what I was expecting anyway today.

    But more than anything I would have loved it t be sold soon, instead of 'summer time'!!
    Be patient, I think they will offer a slab phone after the TouchPad launches. The development work they need for the TouchSlab will be what makes a slab phone possible. Stuff like a fantastic on-screen keyboard, landscape for all apps, leverage for larger screen, etc.
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    I voted Slab.

    HP should have included a 4G 4"+ premium slab option along with the other devices announced at their event with the goal of obtaining as much market share as possible. Offering the veer, pre3, and slab options would have been great and would address almost all segments of the market. By not including a slab option they are effectively ignoring a good portion of potential consumers.

    With that said...I'm extremely concerned about the release timelines and hope the devices don't look obsolete when they come to market. The android assault, iphone 5, ipad2, atrix, xoom, playbook, and who knows what else...The mobile space is moving at light speed and if you want to compete/lead you must have the wow factor (OS AND Hardware) and quickly deliver to market with shorter product cycles than the competition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ermir4444 View Post
    Very disappointed on the announcement today. I was expecting something more revolutionary than just another Pre. Something like this
    I voted for that one in the contest

    However the 4inches wont mean jack once the virtual keyboard kills the space down to 2.7inches when the Pre 3 still has 3.58inches with the physical keyboard.
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    for what it's worth, I think they're working on a slab pre, but with a later webos update, so that it will have some of the tablet os in in. Not full webos 3, but close.
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    I bought my launch day Pre because I wanted a smart phone with a physical keyboard, and although I want a bigger and better display, I don't want a complete brick in my pocket. The Pre3 fits the bill nicely.
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    I definately prefer the slider. My wife and 1 of my kids have horizontal sliders, which I don't care for. I do not like constantly turning the phone sideways, then back vertical again. 1 of my kids have the EVO. I just do not like using a virtual keyboard, although I have it installed on my Pre Minus. It's OK for one handed text replys occasionlly, but I prefer physical keyboard.

    I think it would be great if they can offer slabs, sliders, etc... with WebOS. But the Pre3 is still just plain SEXY to me. I still have strangers stop me a couple times a month, asking me about my phone because they like the way it looks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ermir4444 View Post
    Very disappointed on the announcement today. I was expecting something more revolutionary than just another Pre. Something like this
    thats what i am talking about, this would bring hp/palm from the dead, but pre 3 complete fail, original pre, pre plus, pre 2 and now pre 3 they all have the same form factor, if all of the other pre did not sell, what the hell make hp think that the pre3 will?
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    I don't think the Pre 3 is a complete fail, but... I do think that the Veer is a complete fail. The Pre 3 will satisfy the people, like me that want a portrait slider. But HP NEEDS A SLATE PHONE. They really do. I wouldn't get one, but most of the world would.

    Personally I think, and this is all two bit conjecture, but I think that they want to put WebOS 3 on a slate phone but it is waaay not finished yet, and won't be until the summer. WebOS 3 on a slate phone? It's game over. It would rock. But they seriously have to come out with it soon, or else developers will have moved on and won't come back.
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    Thanks for posting this poll. It shows the opposite what the slab whiners are saying, that everyone wants the slab. I like to think the precentral crowd is more intelligent when it comes to wireless devices than the average consumer and this poll is an indicator what the precentral crowd is demanding (if the poll stays the same that is).

    I kind of wonder what kind of marketing survey HP took in order to decide on sticking with the current form factor.

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