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    Like many of you I have had my Pre since June of 2009 on good ol' Sprint.

    Today announcements were in line with what alot of people expected except the was no mention of carriers.

    So I ask all of you original Sprint Pre owners to let sprint hear your cries!


    Tweet it!
    Facebook it!
    Chat it!

    Let sprint know we want this device!
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    I already emailed Dan asking that question is Sprint going to carry HP products, usually they call me within 24 hours.
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    sprint seems to be doing just fine without palm products as is. im not sure if they will even carry the pre3 as palm left a bad taste in their mouth before.
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    It is not Palm no more it is HP with a boat load of money in pocket to push this threw, Sprint needs to take gamble here. Right now Sprint not offering any new toys except that dual screen CRAP. What brings new customers and keeps the old ones, NEW TOYS. Simple new great toys, HP, HTC, Motorola and Apple. Look at what Apple sold on Verizon. I see no company partnering up with Sprint, in these companies eyes Sprint looks like crap. Sprint needs to change this. One new phone for the year? Please give me a break, this is no HTC EVO. Sprint has no idea what they are doing and what direction they going in.
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    Sprint needs this and more to compete as the Echo is a complete joke. They need the Pro7 to come out sooner than later, an updated EVO, a new BB (people don't care that they don't work) as well as the Pre3.
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    Just like people told Sprint they wanted a Pre2 but they didn't listen ..

    No use..

    Sprint got they head wrapped around Android

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