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    I, like many others, have been waiting to hear this announcement. I also am on a Sprint Premier plan that will be demoted to Silver on April 1st. That means one thing:

    If I don't buy a new phone by April 1, I'm stuck with my current phone until February 2012, outside of full retail upgrades. If I want a new subsidized phone, I have to buy whatever is available by the end of March.
    I'm assuming you don't qualify for Premier Gold (10yrs of Sprint or one of the priciest plans).

    You do have one of the suckiest situations.

    My decision is a lot easier. I'm on a share plan, didn't use my Premier upgrade (surprise), and my 22-mo multi-line upgrade comes up in July. If I take the upgrade now, my wife's phone will be 3yro before we qualify for another subsidy. So I'm waiting until July so we can both get phone upgrades.

    The downside is that instead of having one $10/mo smartphone surcharge, we'll have 2.
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    I'm primary on a 4 line share with corporate discount. So if I take a 12 month upgrade, only I get it, and all lines get a 2yr extension?

    Am I correct in stating that I'm better off spending $300 on eBay for an Evo than $200 on contract and burning my 4 upgrades in the process?
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    Well I went ahead and bought an Evo on eBay. Got a good deal too, comes with Seidio 3500 + door, case, 2 bluetooth headsets, microSD, etc.

    I don't doubt the Pre3 and WebOS will be better in time, but that's time I cant wait for.
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