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    I knew CPU's always get more power effecient but with the larger Pre3, why did they go for only 1230 mAh? I hope that CPU is more effecent then the Pre 2. Also the website doesn't list the talk/standby time but that is listed for the HP Veer.

    Sounds a little fishy to me. I hope they prove me wrong though!

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    I've been pretty pleased with the battery life on my Pre2 ... I figure the Pre3 has got to be on par. No?
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    Don't worry about just the efficient CPU. Worry that the larger screen with about twice as many pixels is also going to eat battery. Especially if the GPU is trying to fill those pixels lots of times per second when playing a game. Why this has a smaller batter than the 1370 battery already available that fits in the smaller Pre, makes me really question what the heck they are smoking in HPs back rooms. The Pre3 will get the same reputation as the Pre for crap battery life, keeping users away in droves.

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