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  • I just saw my future phone.

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  • I'm 'thinking beyond' for my next phone.

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  • I've thought beyond HP and am going elsewhere for a phone now.

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    Just curious what people thought of the new phones.

    I just saw my future phone.
    I'm 'thinking beyond' for my next phone.
    I've thought beyond HP and am going elsewhere for a phone now.
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    I going for a HP M and L device... Really like them!
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    This thing fills every one of my needs and the majority of my desires, and has WebOS on...its my next phone.
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    Its exactly what I wanted.

    My Pre Does EXACTLY What I Need It To Do, And Thats Why I Have A webOS Relationship.

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    Although my hardware upgrade isn't until August. It'll more than likely not be on a webOS device this time.

    Sad to say... but waiting so long for... this... very disappointed.
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    Can't wait to get an AT&T Pre 3 when I'm eligible to upgrade in October!
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    If I can find one at a retailer, I would likely buy one. It has to be on every carrier though, or some retailers will not carry it. If the marketplace is fragmented, it will not sell well enough to revive. But enough negatives, I just want to play with one asap!
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    Nope not a thing today that made me "OMG, I have to stay with webOS for another year!!"

    Instead what I saw today was "Hey, go get an Android phone and come back and check us out when your year is up, we may have some additional cool things by then!".

    Note, I did not say they don't have cool things -- but I am looking for a phone. Pre3 not coming out until "Summer", really means it will be lucky to be here by September 21st (the end of summer in the Northern Hemisphere) and most likely will not be here until the end of the year (remember how many dates Palm and HP have hit so far?).
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    I just saw my future phone... but so in the future that I might have to buy something on between!! ...on the summer?? come on!! ...and overseas, where I live?? by Christmass???? come on HP!!!!

    But I just love webOS, Android is as unintuitive, sloppy and chaotic as Windows Mobile was, and iPhone is just for teenagers and amateurs (... but if iPhone copies notifications fron webOS, I'm going Apple, I swear....jailbroken of course)
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    Palm is dead. webOS was on life support, and HP didn't do anything today that will help immediately. HP completely mishandled this opportunity.
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    If you don't need to branch out into a larger ecosystem, the Pre3 is only missing 4G (which is huge). If you want access to more apps, this announcement won't help AT ALL. If it would, they would be announcing developer commitments (other than Kindle) along with the launch.

    I'm regrettably gone. I have resisted the iPhone this long (don't like the form factor), but apps and developer interest are key. I'll wait until a 4G model is launched and keep my Pre (minus) 'til then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by doublebullout View Post
    Palm is dead. webOS was on life support, and HP didn't do anything today that will help immediately. HP completely mishandled this opportunity.
    Ding Ding Ding.

    I'm not on the bandwagon of "if its not a slate, its crap". But this form factor failed. They could have done something different even if they kept it a vert slider.

    and the launch, absolutely ridiculous.
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    It looks like it won't be available on Sprint, so that rules it out for me. It would cost too much money to change carriers. I still have my old Sprint Pre and am using it as a secondary phone. Switched to Blackberry, and have had better reliability, but did miss the Multi-tasking of web OS.
    On a side note, i checked out the BB Torch on AT&T for 30 days, and if Palm had used that hardware with their Web OS they would have had a winner. It's a shame they lost so much ground. The Torch also had an on screen keyboard in portrait and landscape modes, along with email being able to display in landscape mode without having to hack the phone.
    My hat's off to the Web OS and Homebrew community. I wouldn't have stayed with the Pre as long as I did without their additions to the OS. Keep up the good work guys.
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    Prediction: Pre will remain the business-centric smartphone brand. Veer, Gyst and Myte - all trademarked at the same time - will become three different smartphone form factors, different strokes for different folks.

    Odds on Myte for the huge, freudian, kubrickian Monolithic Slab with nonsensical dual A9 or somesuch shenanigans that people seem to desire. "Myte", get it"? As in mighty?

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