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    I'm just stunned. NO pre has sold well. Its not popular, its to the point where most of the loyal pre owners want a slab/slate device. They seriously need knew engineers and designers. O well, watch how many people leave webos after today. Today was supposed to keep/gain new followers. All Hpalm managed to do was lose probably 90% of their webos supporters. I mean the pre isnt the iphone, it's not like people will leave sprint in droves just for the pre 2. On top of that, they chose to release that little pos first? Seriously? They seriously are lost over in their smartphone division. I wish i could've been apart of the conversation that determined that the veer would support webos and be its flagship until the pre 3 arrives.
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    cant believe I waited so long on this platform, just to wait another 6 months.

    And the pre3 may not even hit sprint. ***..
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    great announcement except for the date. Why pre-announce this 5 months ahead of time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zyphlin View Post
    If they manage a early June launch they may be able to salvage it...if its not till august or so, there's going to be problems.
    No way, by June HTC will be release the EVO 2 with dual core processor, yada, yada, yada.

    Sorry HP, you just feel completely on your face.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blue duck butter View Post
    I'm going to use my Sprint upgrade too, however, I'm going to keep and still use my Pre- and simply sell the upgrade on ebay and wait for the Pre3.
    Im not going to lie, i seriously don't want to leave webos. I don't hate Android but it's almost like HP doesnt care about us. I just dont know how long sprint will even continue to carry and produce refurbs. The pre has been EOL'ed so it's probably costing sprint money to repair a device they aren't officially selling anymore. I mean okay, maybe something like heat or battery consumption is holding back the pre 3. Fine, but at least give us 2.0. To make matters worse, they didn't even mention it. I mean it's bad enough that the only carrier that has the pre 2 doesnt care nor need it. It's like we're supporting a company that continues to pi$$ on us.
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    "So tired, tired of waiting,
    Tired of waiting for you...
    For you..."
    The Kinks
    Maybe they were prophets?
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    Well I suppose we in the UK will have to wait until November like we did with the Pre.

    I am not sure if my Pre will last that long, why oh why announce new hardware & then wait months to release it. It should be out by the end of Feb & all over the world at the ssame time.
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    Mee-too evolutionary devices won't solve their problem. Google gets that, but I bet there is slight difference between the cultures at Google and HP. Android has many problems, but the picked a strategy (e.g. flood the market) that would allow them to compete.

    HP, not so much.
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    "It's been a long time
    now I'm
    coming back home
    I've been away now
    Oh how
    I've been alone

    til I come back to your side
    we'll forget the tears we cried"
    The Beatles

    JKK hit it right, iPhone 5 will kill this if they wait that long. iPad 2 will kill the TouchPad, as it's nearly ready to go.
    Too bad, because WebOS is much better than iOS, and WebOS3 looks to be a barn burner. But very few will know about it by then, it would be "ho-hum"
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    Quote Originally Posted by midmofan View Post
    hope those employees didn't throw away their iphones and ipads yesterday like leo suggested....
    completelly disappointed about today's great hp announcement. I was hoping for rumored 5" palm mansion to be announced... All they do - palm pre in different sizes. Man, i don't know what to right now. ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jurias View Post
    i dont get it when apple come out with the iphone 3g it was not different it was the same (plus some features) then came 3gs, then they changed it on Iphone4...soo what is different from HP to Apple...because it was an Iphone?..i will be waiting for the Pre3 to be available..
    Exactly. When the public tells you they love your product and buy millions of them you have no reason to make huge changes. The Pre did not have that, and the market told them their product was not successful, so bigger changes were needed.
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    First of all, we do NOT need a smaller Palm Pre. Isn't this phone small enough? And we have to wait until summer for a phone that is just catching up to what's out now? The Veer is the equivalent of the Pixi, totally useless. Are these people at HP complete idiots? They spent $1 billion buying Palm only to continue doing the exact same thing? A smaller Pre and a bigger Pre? Really? That's the genius of HP? Are they really trying to be competitive in the phone market or did they just want WebOS to sell tablets and PCs? I had been holding off buying a new phone in hopes of something substantially impressive. I think I'm just gonna get an Iphone.
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    Meanwhile, I can't believe HP announced 2 future products before making 1 available! How is that good marketing? Go order this phone tomorrow, but in the next few months we will be releasing these phones!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pavvento View Post
    Exactly. When the public tells you they love your product and buy millions of them you have no reason to make huge changes. The Pre did not have that, and the market told them their product was not successful, so bigger changes were needed.
    Bingo, you hit the nail on the head!!
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    H/Palm FAIL! I for one will not be purchasing another webOS device. Even IF their new devices intrigued me (which not a single ONE of them does), I am not waiting until SUMMER! By the time the Pre3 actually ships, there will no doubt be several Android phones with better screens, faster CPU's and OMFG 4G! Get with the program, H/Palm execs!
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    I thought HP said that they would put and end to the announce-so-far-in-advance-its-irrelavent crap that Palm pulled. Apparently that's not the case. I should have know better than to wait for this announcement, but I was hoping a suitable replacement for my original Pre would be on the shelves in a month or so. Silly me, Android here I come. Unlike a lot of the posts, I am happy with my Pre for the most part. However it is two years old and in smartphones thats like decades. I would buy the Pre3 today, but I am not waiting until June.

    I am completely disappointed.
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