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    They did not announce the new OS version for the Pre or the Pre Plus models. Thye are release specs that are current in Feb, 2011 not July 2011. It will compete with the:

    iPad 2
    Iphone 5 (or whatever it will be called)
    Various 2.3 and 2.4 android devices on all carriers.
    More Honeycomb Tablets

    This announcement is an Epic Faill on their part. They are not going with the market on phone form factor. They already have a different form factor in the Pre 2. If they want to get ahead, they need to release a keyboardless phone with a ~4.0 inch screen. That is what people want in mass, not a smaller Pre 2. The pre form factor is not popular no matter how much we like it. A smaller version is just nuts.
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    lol ! The gsm version comes next summer?
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    I agree with that "This Summer" timeline I am totally turned off on the Pre3, where as if it was coming say in 2-3 months I'd be gung ho! Im with you, Not necessarily on the Evo Shift but maybe the Epic.
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    I'm glad people have the same sentiments as I do, even while all the tech bloggers are glibly posting how HP has saved the day. If you're a real faithful Pre owner - meaning you have been following since January 2009!!!! and had to wait 6 months to get a Pre, you have not even had the opportunity without breaking your contract to get a new phone. No Pre+, no Pre2, and now to wait 5 months for Pre3 (assuming Sprint gets it at all). It's absurd way to treat a core following, and if they can't get a phone out on a timely schedule what makes me think they can ever get a proper phone out?

    I was so excited for this event, but my stomach slowly sunk as I waited and waited for a price, carrier and release date info, only to be disappointed in all 3 areas.
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    What if the hardware is ready, but the software for it isn't...?
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    Ouch. I see the laughably large icons on the touchpad and cry. Also no gestures on the tablet?

    AH I wanted to believe!!

    I won't say anything dumb like im leaving cause I've had an optimus s for a month and im still here =D

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    Ahhhhhh... wake up people HP doesn't care

    Hewlett-Packard has been around for a long time (without a phone)
    and will remain here with or without a smartphone
    HP was the first IT company to top $100 billion in revenue -- in 2010 it reported $120 billion
    they can make you wait 6-7 months for a phone they are not losing money by
    doing it

    HP won't ride on the success or failure of the smartphone/tablet announced today

    We all just have to face the truth...Palm is gone
    HP has control and smartphones are in the back burner behind their PC's and now tablets
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    The conclusion I make is this: HP wants to build an entire new user base from scratch, and is basically giving the remaining WebOS faithful the middle finger. It is a terrible idea, because in the meantime, they are still going to be releasing devices long after they've become an afterthought, and other, more tempting devices will already be on the market.
    -Until Skynet takes over.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jocjo View Post
    It just pains me to have to leave....
    Me too... I had my hopes set on a slab device about 4".... Not that the Pre3 looks bad, but by the time it launches it mays get eclipsed by the dual-core phones and the iPhone5... not a very smart move...
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    Judging by HP's promise of releasing webOS 2.0 "by the end of 2010," summer could very well mean "Indian summer."
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    Could have been talking about the Veer? I still agree, it still was a big letdown.
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    BTW, why even bother being so secretive with development if you're to present it 6+ months before release?
    What is the logic in all of this?
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    My only hope is that they said 'Summer,' but are really gunning for a release date that is much earlier. Especially for the TouchPad, they don't have any carriers to mess around with at this time.

    I like the products, but that doesn't mean that my future self will. I'm due for an upgrade from a DROID Incredible on 4/31/11, and I would love to pick up a Pre 3 the day after.
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    Don't know why they even bothered holding this event today.........You should hold a big PRPRPR $event$ $when$ $you$ $have$ $things$ $to$ $sell$, $NOW$. $Not$ $for$ $months$ $down$ $the$ $road$. $Guess$ $HP$ $is$ $not$ $going$ $to$ $be$ $any$ $better$ $than$ $Palm$ $at$ $marketing$ $products$.......$sad$.
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    There is, of course, the possibility of HP launching a slate-like phone just after the iPhone, coinciding with some other major webOS announcements (i.e. PCs, toasters) in an attempt to steal some of the spotlight.

    I'll eat my hat if there is no "slab" style phone from HP in 2011.
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    Totally agree. him saying that and then making us wait months is total bull****. Really don't want to switch to Android, but my Pre Minus is cracked, scratched, and missing the power button for crying out loud. I like the Pre 3 a lot, it has the two things I really wanted: larger, higher res screen and front facing camera. But summer.... dammit.
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    Why didn't they just say Apotheker and Ruby went camping, got lost, and eaten by bears.
    Then 5 months from now they could have magically reentered the scene, and do a really spectacular announcement.
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    Epic fail. Would've been solid hardware if it were released now. HP should've allocated more staff to meet more aggressive timelines. Palm should take heed of their moto "life moves fast don't miss a thing. " By releasing it in the summer, the HP missed a golden opportunity.
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    with reality.

    "We (HP) are no longer going to announce new products if they are not ready to be shipped soon"..


    Care to explain that LEO?

    Don't get me wrong, I love the Touchpad concept and I will still probably get a Pre3, but C'mon!! SUMMER??? It is FEB!!!! Hope he gets criticized everywhere for the stupid comments....
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    Quote Originally Posted by doublebullout View Post
    Ridiculous. The story of HP and Palm will be told as a case study of failure in MBA programs nationwide in years to come. Didn't these fools learn anything from the original Pre launch??! Wow.
    This is exactly how I feel. Not that they will ultimately fail, but the goal is to underpromise and overdeliver. These bozos got it backwards.

    If the smartphone market has space for them and if the tablet has space for them in 2 years, maybe they'll be competitive by adding the PCs and printers.

    That is a reasonable, long-term, deep pocket strategy.

    But now they've ****ed off so many stalwart Palm fans, the defections will be greater than they think. Not that the Palm 2/3 or Touchpad are bad devices. Heck, they might be the best of the bunch. They needed to more than that because developers are sitting on their hands, not at their keyboards.
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