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    I think this will come to Sprint, and if no other reason than they are pushing their network with tablets right now. Since they dramatically loaded up the features of a Touchpad integrating with a pre3 on the conference, I'd say it is a fairly good assumption to expect a Sprint release in May. And despite everyone's panic mode, hp really doesn't need to accelerate past that kind of deadline, they are probably looking at WiMax radio integration.
    Hanging on for dear life to WebOS, hopefully A speedy device that lets you control data comes unlocked (Pre2 still needs data plan) or Sprint lets me upgrade to a tenative Pre3 w/o lobbing that $10 on...
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    next feb (or ASAP) im droid bound. NO OTA for original pre's rubs me wrong.
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    Only look for Android or IOS phones at this point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dunivan View Post
    IMO you need the touchpad to make the phone worth it, otherwise its a super pre plus.

    If it comes out on sprint, it's mine (and ill get the wifi touchpad)

    No sprint though, and im droid bound.

    Way to kill the pre2 before it hits the us though.
    I think they released the Pre 2 for the kids who like the smaller form factor. They released the Pre 3 who wants larger form factor.
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    I want this on Sprint too. I had the original Pre and then switched to the EVO but I miss the WebOs and the multitasking ( true multitasking guys) that the pre offers. I also miss the camera so much. Now that the Pre3 has the front facing vga camera and the 5mp auto focus on the back with a 1.4ghz of pure love im in love once again lol. Also the beta of the Adobe Flash Player 10.1 is a selling point for me! I think the most important thing would be the battery performance for me. the battery on the EVO sucks worse than the one I had in my original Pre.
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    Well since my contract was recently renewed with Sprint by my wonderful wife *sigh*, it looks like I have no choice but to sit and wait for something worth my money to come along. I won't buy the Evo because its becoming dated, and I dont like the Shift.. So my mind is made up for me, sitting in the corner of a dark room being all emo until a decent upgrade comes along. I have had an upgrade since September, but there is nothing on Sprint that peaks my interest.

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    The pre 3 seems like the best choice unrivaled ui multitasking and finally hardware that is up to par at least to my standards .If the pre 3 just works with no lag with ironed out bugs not to mention great battery life I am sold and will be waiting for sprint to open there ****ing mouth's already is it going to be available for sprint or not????
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    yes it looks like there is still hoe for the pre 3 on sprint. that is all i can hope for~!!
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