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    All I've been asking for is a Pre+ with a 3.7 inch (3.6'll do), higher res screen, better camera and better processor, I'm pretty much sorted And WebOS 2.2 or 3.0 or whatever... There's my Pre+ upgrade!
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    I think I may be moving on from webOS. Summer isn't soon enough...
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkzone View Post
    Not impressive but meh i will take it...Could have used the little more real estate when it came to screen size but it will do it at the moment the suckiest part is the release time frame "Summer" wth..
    I think it looks great, except for one little detail. It's not available. If it were available on Sprint within a couple of weeks, I'd be waiting in line for it. But "summer"? no carrier? No price?

    Back to shopping, I guess. If I'm lazy enough I might wait for it, but there's a good chance I won't.

    Quote Originally Posted by FenrirWolf View Post
    I'm pretty sure the event said there would be two versions of it. So there's a GSM one and a CDMA one like existing the existing phones.
    I thought they said two versions, but I also thought they said world phone. World phone would be very sweet.
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    Personally I cant even get over the awesome speed of my pre 2. The speed of the Pre 3 boggles my mind. wait til we see some hands on comparisons will blow things out the water guaranteed.
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    I am surprised no WiMax here, why wouldnt they release it with WiMax? Is WiMax a fail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsgraphicart View Post
    Did everyone forget there is another event tonight?
    What .. wait? When? Where? How? etc?
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    In regard to a "Mansion" slab phone, HP didn't announce the 7" Opal today, either. That leads me to believe any slab phone might be more like the late September-ish release if it's coming.
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    It doesn't matter what I think. If Sprint doesn't support them anymore then I will be getting a different phone. I really hate the idea of not having something WebOS but switching to another carrier is not an option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjholland87 View Post
    As pointed out in one of my previous posts... WHY!?!

    It's illogical. The media capabilities on phones are second to products that are built for that reason.

    If you don't want a slim iPod touch in you pocket, the same pocket with your phone, then there is something wrong in the world
    I hope that was sarcasm, otherwise that was complete fail. The market is not moving in your direction.
    ...This programming stuff is actually addictive but really hard :/
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    Wow, there has been cause for frustration for a long time but some people will never be satisfied.

    I'm one of Palm's harshest critics and I think the Pre3 is amazing. It's a Pre for 2011. What else do we want? 16gbs is respectable although 32 would be nice. Other than that my only issue is the release date.

    Pre3 itself is very nice.
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    The issue here is yes, there are spec bumps, and some Pre fans here are happy with it. Some others are not. But HP is not putting out these two phones for current Pre owners, or people who read this forum. What about the pubilc at large? Yeah you might want a keyboard but others don't.
    Well I wish the Pre and the Pre mini well, but I will webos tablet bound only. Hope some enterprising felllow makes a tap to sync between webos and iOS LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjholland87 View Post
    Yeah because LTE is needed at the moment isn't it!?! I wonder how many people use it on their EVO considering it drains battery. Am I right in thinking you can't even make calls over it yet?

    1080p video is recognisable on a screen that small!?! Damn, you must have good eyesight!

    The camera is adequate. Want a decent camera, then go and buy one.

    How about NO ONE uses LTE on their EVO because its WiMAX that offers "4G" to Sprint users. Get your facts straight before posting rebuttals - it only diminishes your chances of being taken seriously.
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    I really wanted to love the new phone and by the time my upgrade is due in October, come back to webOS... but the Pre 3 is a nice phone, but the design feels dated already. Screen size is fine. Resolution is a little low (compared to iPhone 4, but on par with most Android phones including my Evo).

    It seems like a solid phone but I like using my phone in landscape mode and would have preferred a landscape slider or a slab phone with virtual keyboard.

    I am going to keep my options open in October. A diff Android phone, WP7 (it will be on Sprint by the end of June, says MS), a Pre 3, or iPhone 5 (carrier depending)....
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    I am certain that this was a good announcement. Good products, and hopefull solid ones. HP strategy is grand in scope, so it will take a while to pull it together.

    I will be hanging around... dropped Sprint, so I am open to wherever....
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    Yall need to relax its just a phone.. HP is not paying anyone to buy it..
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    Quote Originally Posted by blackmagic01 View Post
    no, but but a lot of people can use more then 8GBs when you add in movies, podcasts, music, local storage, HD video recording, and app downloads.
    And the concept of practicality is usually lost on those very people...
    Let's forget the fact that there's supposed to be a cloud-based storage system on the horizon for Web OS...

    You don't seem to understand that you represent an EXTREMELY small, almost invisible portion of the smartphone market...and HP just happens to be a business...
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    Quote Originally Posted by j_grouchy View Post
    I think I may be moving on from webOS. Summer isn't soon enough...
    I know exactly how you feel. Upgrade to what, though? The Droid Bionic won't be available until Summer and I'm sure as hell not going to AT&T. The HTC EVO 4G Shift on Sprint? Ugh. Sprint has no viable phone options right now.
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    I'd imagine that this has already been said, but this thread is exploding and I can't read all of it! ...but, it tops out at 16GB?!? Really? Only 16GB?

    I want to throw away my iPod so badly, but I can't at 16GB!

    Other than that, it's an ok phone and I'll switch if it comes to Sprint.

    Ok, I'm done. Thanks for reading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjholland87 View Post
    Oooh, paraphrasing my posts to insult me... My, we are clever today
    Good to see you adding to the thread with your great insight!!!! "Just buy a slim ipod and camera" How about I dont want to shell out 300 for an ipod and 200 for a camera and have to wear a fanny pack?
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    I'm impressed with the Pre3 specs. However, I am not impressed with the timeline. I would have been impressed if the Pre3 was released tomorrow. Unfortunately an already outdated Pre2 will be released. I've been patient and was hoping ThinkBeyond would bring cutting edge devices to us soon. I'm tired of these vague timelines. This summer? So is that end of May or early September. Given HPalm's recent history, that means Summer 2012. If I am going to have an outdated phone, it might as well have more features and moe apps. Tired of waiting, I'm going with Android.

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