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    A few days ago I got promoted to the real 'noblesse de pre' since my pre3 got paired by the acquisition of a touchpad.
    Having both devices now, I'm wondering now how the two can get sync'ed. For some apps it is easier than for others, but how should it be done for Outline Tracker.
    Any 'best practices'? What would be the easiest way without, after restoring a backup from the other device, getting tangled up in duplicate projects and tasks.
    Also, would it be possible to do this without the intervention of a desktop pc (I'm already thinking of scenarios using the cloud or an ftp site). And, if this was not too difficult already ;-) could there be any way, so that I'm not risking getting unwanted undoing of my efforts when backing up and restoring in the wrong direction?

    I realise this is a big challenge, but if anyone has an idea, with or without other apps, please let me know!

    thanks and kind regards,
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    i sync my to do list by using Done! it uses

    give it a look
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Pleasant View Post
    I'm wondering now how the two can get sync'ed. ... but how should it be done for Outline Tracker.
    Create a Basecamp Project and set up the account on both devices.
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    Thanks a lot for you both. Though it's not quite what I hoped for.
    @johnj2803: I would like to stay with Outline Tracker, if possible...
    @DougReeder: I tried to work with Basecamp, but I think that even the (too expensive) paid version is too limited. I can't set up repeating tasks, and that is simply a dealbreaker.

    I guess I have to figure out what to do with it...

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    Can the work being done here be integrated so to sync OT's calendar entries / data with egroupware / zarafa /etc?
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    Heres how I found the best way to sync two webos devices (one being touchpad)

    1) Use the same Palm profile on both (duh)

    2) Connect them together with Bluetooth to sync texts etc

    3)Use FreeTether so you always have internet for your Touchpad (tether from your phone)

    4) Use as many Google, Microsoft Exchange, dropbox etc services as you can to sync your emails, cal events, docs between the two.

    5) Set up a dropbox account and use it with QuickOffice as well as download the Dropboxify app for both devices for file sync.

    6) Download "Casa" and sync your photos with it so you have photos on both devices

    7) ReadOnTouch, Outline Tracker, Evernote, etc are great services that sync to the cloud.

    8)Set up Kalemsoft and Ampache Mobile for music and video streaming from a home server. Same music/videos on both devices

    Thats what I use, good luck!
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    It's not a syncing solution as such, but you can use Zap Photoshare to view photos stored on your other device, and optionally download them. Indeed, Zap can share to any device with Wi-Fi and a web browser.

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