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    Today I redoctored my Palm Pre from WebOS 2.1 to 1.4.5 and wanted to install Outline Tracker again on my device.

    It is no more in the app catalog (Germany).
    I have sent me a SMS via the HP app catalog in the internet with a link.
    When I open the link it says "can not executed under actual OS".

    On my Girlfriends Palm Pre also with WebOS 1.4.5 she lately had an update for Outline Tracker: She has the latest version running.
    But also in her App Catalog: No Outline Tracker available.

    So what can I do to reinstall the App on my phone???
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    From the app cat:
    Price: 19,49 EUR
    Requires: webOS 2.0.0
    Version: 2.2.6

    I would contact the developer:
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    I downgraded WebOS from Version 2 to 1.

    It is irritating that Outline Tracker is not available anymore for WebOS1,
    because on my Girlfriends WebOS 1.4.5-PalmPre OT Version 2.2.6 runs fine.
    She just got an update via "Updates" in WebOS.

    So, I assume, no compatibility issue, but AppCatalog or simply HP-Fail.

    As I see it, in case you have to redoctor your Smartphone you can never be shure to get back some of the apps you had before and your data on the smartphone, even if you redoctor to the same WebOS-Version?

    Whatīs even more disturbing is the fact that you donīt get informed of and which apps are concerned.

    HP Palm / WebOS AppCat-Fail, completely, in my eyes.
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    No need to repeat.
    It seems that the developer has marked the app to need >= 2.0.0.
    You really should contact the developer.
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    Thanks, I will do that. me (as a user, not developer) the versioning of the WebOS AppCatalog seems to be not very consistent.

    So, why do you get the latest Updates for a product that is not compatible (any more) with your OS-Version?
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    I completely agree with you.
    As said it seems the DEVELOPER has marked his app as 2.0.0 not HP.
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    I am the developer of Outline Tracker. Outline Tracker 2.2.6 runs under webOS 1.4.5 through webOS 3.

    HP/Palm has found that some apps that use Synergy 2 accounts do not cleanly uninstall under webOS 1. I have no evidence or reports that this is a problem for Outline Tracker.

    To avoid this problem, in March, HP/Palm instituted a restriction on the App Catalog: apps that use Synergy 2 accounts (such as Outline Tracker) were only installable under webOS 2 and later. To avoid cutting off webOS 1 users, I did not upload OT 2.2.2 or 2.2.4 to the App Catalog (see!/hominidsoftware).

    Outline Tracker required minor changes to run under webOS 3, so I uploaded OT 2.2.6 just before TouchPad launch. (2.2.6 also updates the user interface to work better on tablets, but that's not relevant here.) The current App Catalog restrictions allow OT to be updated on any device where it is currently installed, but not downloaded nor re-downloaded on webOS 1 devices.

    HP/Palm has been busy releasing the TouchPad. I believe they will have more time to work on this issue now, and hope to have the restriction lifted soon.
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    I've been working with HP webOS GBU, and webOS 1.4.5 users should be able to re-install Outline Tracker from the App Catalog next week or the week after.

    Until then, it's best not to re-doctor your device with webOS 1.4.5.
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    I don't know this app and so I don't use it.
    EDIT: I can't buy it anyways since I only have an Amex credit card.
    But I really like that a developer/company is responding in this unique forum.
    Thanks DougReeder for being here.
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    The update finally went through, and now webOS 1.4.5 users can once again re-install Outline Tracker from the App Catalog. Sorry about the long delay.

    (Outline Tracker Free should be updated in the next day or two, and then likewise be available to webOS 1.4.5 users.)
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    My wife just got a replacement Palm Pre. She needs to get Outline tracker Free to be installed on the new Pre she just received, which has Web OS 1.4. How can this be done please?

    There must be a way since the app actually works like a charm on my own Palm Pre, same OS.
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    HP has finally updated the App Catalog to not reject apps that use Synergy 2 accounts, but also run under webOS 1. (Outline Tracker 2.3.0 was shepherded through manually, but Outline Tracker Free got left behind.)

    Outline Tracker and Outline Tracker Free 2.3.4 have been submitted to the App Catalog, but have run into a still newer snafu. Hopefully, this can be resolved faster than some of the previous snafus, and both should be available to all users of webOS next week.
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    HP has finally allowed webOS 1 users to download Outline Tracker and OT Free again, with the release of version 2.3.4. If it's not available in your region, please allow some hours for it to roll out worldwide.

    I'm sorry this process took so long. HP has updated their submission process, so future updates shouldn't be so long delayed.

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