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    I'm using Outline Tracker Free and I am enjoying the application. However, I can't seem to change the color of the projects as they appear in the webos calendar. I can change the display color of events from various accounts (palm, google, facebook etc.) w/ no problem. I can even change the color of the Outline tracker accounts (of which there appear to be four). My problem is that every project I create ends up whatever color I have selected for the first outline account. I can change the colors of the remaining three accounts but apparently none of my projects are subject to those accounts and they all match the color of the first account. In outline tracker I have tried to find some way to designate which account I would like a new project to be under but I'm stuck.

    what am I doing wrong or not doing?


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    I'm sorry I didn't notice your posting sooner.

    There's one color to a calendar, and currently, only one calendar is supposed to be created per account (all local projects are part of a "Local" account). So you can assign one color for Basecamp events and another color for Local events, but you can't assign a color per project.

    I'll add this to the list of possible features to implement.

    Unfortunately, the Calendar app does not provide a way to delete the extra calendars. If you delete the Local account, all Local calendars will be deleted. Outline Tracker will re-create the account and a calendar the next time it is run, but will _not_ re-create the events until they are individually edited.

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