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    If you're getting the banner message "Basecamp server temporarily unavailable", be sure to update to Outline Tracker/Outline Tracker Free 1.4.2. It's more efficient about Basecamp downloads, which reduces the problem.

    It's become clear that 37signals will not be fixing their server any time soon, so I'm working on another update to Outline Tracker to work around the problem.
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    On May 1, 37signals explained that they added some rate limiting to the Basecamp server. Outline Tracker/Outline Tracker Free v. 1.4.4 has been altered to match. Run the Updates app to update!

    After updating, if you get the "Basecamp server temporarily unavailable" banner message, it's probably due to network congestion, or the Basecamp server actually being overloaded.

    There's also a workaround for the Mojo drag-n-drop bug.

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