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    I foolishly tried to use my Pre+ as a USB drive with an Android tablet. BAD IDEA. After going to an old doctor and lots of waiting and praying, it was a miracle it started working again.

    Well, it seems the phone did a partial dump. I had to go through the first use set up, bt all my pictures were still on the phone, a well as videos, downloads, app data for some apps (even for those that I had to reinstall manually)...

    BUT, the music folder is hidden somehow. I know all my music files are still on the device because of how much memory I have used up. There's no way it could be anything BUT music.

    In USB mode, there is no music folder, but I can see that the Android device created its own folders.

    I hoped that installing Music Player (Remix) would pull them out of hiding, but no luck.

    Any ideas?

    P.S. I'm running, and therefore using the homebrew version of Music Player (Remix).
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    You'll need to connect your device in USB mode and find them. If they're in a directory with a "." in front, they'll be hidden from the webOS media indexer.
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