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    (NOTE: If when you first install the app, it gets stuck at a "Loading..." screen, do the following to fix it: Connect the device to your computer in "USB Mode" and copy a new MP3 file to the device. Disconnect the USB cable, then run the app. It should then load).


    Palm's built-in music player has just been remixed! Some of the features you've been missing, or didn't even know you missed, have been added.

    Music Player (Remix) comes with the following enhancements:

    Music Collection Organization Tools

    • Save your position in a track by tapping the bookmark icon on the "Now Playing" screen. Go to the "Bookmarks" section on the main menu screen to view or delete your bookmarks.
    • Automatically save your position in the current track and playlist when exiting the app. When re-starting the app, tap the "Resume Play" button at the top of the main menu screen to resume play.
    • Save on-the-fly playlists ("flylists") directly on your device. In any song list or on the "Now Playing" screen, tap the "add flylist" icon to add the song to a flylist

    "Now Playing" screen enhancements

    • Skip to any part of a song using the new progress slider.
    • Turn your device around to view the player in landscape mode. As an added bonus, every single screen in the app is optimized for both portrait and landscape viewing.
    • Read the lyrics of a song by tapping the "Lyrics" icon on the "Now Playing" screen. Lyrics are pulled instantly from the service.
    • Flick up or down on the album art to go instantly to the current artist's album list
    • Search the current artist in Wikipedia by selecting the "Wikipedia" option in the app menu.
    • The "YouTube" song search option in the app menu has been enhanced to search for <artist name> <song name>.

    Aesthetic customization

    • Change the background color of the app to anything you'd like using the red/green/blue color selector sliders in the "Preferences" menu.
    • Select a wallpaper image for the app from any of the images stored on your device in the "Preferences" menu. (Check out some cool wallpapers in this thread:
    • Change the font color of the app to white or black to match your dark or light backgrounds.
    • Change the order of the items on the main menu screen.

    Navigation enhancements

    • The main menu is always just a flick away. Swipe from right-to-left on the titlebar of any screen to go directly to the main menu screen.
    • Tap on the titlebar of any screen to pause/play the current track.
    • On the "all albums", "artists", or "songs" list screens, an alphabet selector is available to quickly scroll down to a particular letter.

    Easter Eggs

    Here is the Homebrew Gallery App Listing: Music Player (Remix).

    (NOTE: Since this app is directly derived from a Palm built-in app, if Palm ever wants this app removed, this thread will be deleted immediately and public development of the app will cease).

    Change Log

    Version 0.12.3:

    - Speed up the transitions between screens. This should make the app quite a bit snappier.

    - Fix issue where app would display a white background when the app is first installed or first run after a webOS update. In those cases, the default wallpaper will be displayed.

    - Fix several javascript errors identified by lint. There are still many left to be fixed, but this is a start.

    - Changed the developer name from "Palm" to "Hedami".

    Version 0.12.2:

    - Fix issue where manual bookmarks would not save on webOS 1.3.x devices

    - Fix issue where the headphone control to switch songs (double-tapping button) did not work on webOS 1.3.x devices

    - The app should be 100% compatible with the Palm Pixi (320x400 resolution)

    Version 0.12.1:

    - Fix compatibility issue related to orientation with European Pres running webOS 1.1.3 (Big thanks to Gav_Oracle for helping me test this new version).

    - Remove extra locale sub-directories to ensure app can run when device's locale is set to something other than "U.S. English" (Big thanks to figus for helping me test this new version).

    - Display an error when "Music Store" main menu item is selected and no music store is configured on the device.

    - Improve the way songs skip while in landscape mode (NOTE: This is still not perfect. When songs are skipped many times in a row quickly, the skipping still messes up. However under normal use, it should behave much better than in the previous version).

    Version 0.12.0:

    - Every screen in the app is now optimized for both portrait and landscape viewing. So turn your device around and look at your music in a whole new way!

    - Easter Egg #3 Hint: "Sometimes when pondering over the words of your favorite song, you should look at things from a different perspective."

    - Make the "Now Playing" screen Pixi-friendly. A few of the other screens still need a little work.

    - New and improved splash screen has been added (backdrop courtesy of PreCentral member Solarus).

    - For people installing the app for the first time, the backdrop used in the splash screen is the new default wallpaper (instead of a plain, blue color). For current users of the app (who are upgrading), their color or wallpaper choice will remain unaltered. To use the default wallpaper, select the new "Restore Default Wallpaper" button on the Preferences screen.

    - Make the default album art (that is displayed when a song does not have album art) on the "Now Playing" screen translucent.

    - Disable scene scrolling on artists, albums, and songs screens. This does not affect the way the lists scroll. This is merely disabling page scrolling which was unnecessary.

    - Fix bug where if you start typing on the playlist screen then delete the text, it'll display the alphabet selector even when in "original order".

    - Move the “Z” up a bit in the alphabet scrollers so notifications don’t cover it.

    - Add Red/Green/Blue value indicators on background color selection screen.

    - Fixed bug where RGB color sliders would return to the previous saved value when switching between “Image” and “Color” background types.

    - Fix bug where changing a wallpaper image sometimes didn’t work.

    - Remove fade at top of “main menu” screen since it serves no purpose now that the whole page no longer scrolls.

    - Fix bug where "Shuffle All" buttons were appearing on top of the titlebar when scrolling through the list of flylists.

    Version 0.11.1:

    - Re-enable scene scrolling when loading up the "songs" scene from the playlist list. This will fix the bug where keyboard text filtering does not work.

    Version 0.11.0:

    - Replaced the "ABC" selector at the top of the "artists", "albums", and "songs" screens with an alphabet scroller on the right-edge of the screen.

    - On the main menu, artist album list screen, and album song list screen, keep the "Shuffle All" selection static at the top of the screen.

    - Reposition the "add to flylist" icon on the song list screen to the left edge of the screen and make the tap-able area larger.

    - Fix a bug where the font color on the artist album list screen was incorrect when the font color is "black".

    - Convert the picture used for Easter Egg #1 from PNG to GIF to reduce its size

    - Create a flashier splash screen

    - Easter Egg #2! (Hint: .CBA sa ysae s'tI .Ximer eht tou keeS)

    Version 0.10.1:

    - Fix bug where a double-quote in the name of an item in a list (songs, artists, albums, etc.) or any other error condition would make part or most of the list not appear and would make the list non-functional. (NOTE: If an error is detected, that particular item in the list will not receive the correct font color if the font color chosen was "black").

    - Add a confirmation popup when the user selects to restore the main menu's default order.

    Version 0.10.0:

    - Allow users to change the order of the items on the main menu screen by dragging them around. Add a new item to the app's menu labeled "Restore Default Menu Order" to restore to the default order.

    - An easter egg has been hidden somewhere in the app. Hint: "It's all About the Remix!" (If you find the easter egg, let us know here in the thread, but don't post how you did it!)

    - Add a splash screen when the app is launched to be displayed while the music library is loaded.

    - Fix a bug where selecting a song in the flylist after the 6th song would cause the 6th song to be loaded regardless of which song was selected.

    - Add an option to the playlist song selection screen to sort by original order (set on the user's computer) or alphabetically (original order is the default). Selecting "Alphabetical" will display the "ABC" selector on the titlebar. Regardless of which order is selected, when a song in the playlist is selected, the playlist is played in its original order.

    - Fixed bug where "now playing" scene was being added as an active scene anytime it was activated.

    - App menu options ("Preferences", "About", etc.) are available on the lyrics screen.

    - Add the standard "Edit" item to the app's menu and reposition the "Help" item to be last in the app menu.

    - Fix bug where the font color did not update on the Artists or Genres screen.

    - Fix bug where the font color did not update after changing it on the Preferences screen when viewing a list (songs, artists, albums, etc.).

    - Fix bug where the font color did not update after doing an "ABC" search.

    Version 0.9.10:

    - Remove any extraneous HTML code from the lyrics results, such as ringtone advertisements, to ensure the lyrics will display properly.

    - Improve handling of remix songs when retrieving lyrics.

    - Fix bug where ABC selector may not work if a song/artist/album name is not defined.

    Version 0.9.9:

    - Reposition the "ABC" selectors to be compatible with webOS 1.2.

    - The dashboard controls are now accessible on the device lock screen (similar to the original music player after the webOS 1.2 upgrade).

    - Flylists with more than 50 songs should now display properly without having to load the "current playlist" view and going back to the "album art" view.

    Version 0.9.8:

    - When saving an auto-bookmark (prior to exiting the app), save the current playlist (album, artist, genre, flylist, or playlist). When the user restores the auto-bookmark, restore the saved song position in the saved playlist. The playlist will play in shuffle mode. (NOTE: the current playlist is not yet saved for manual bookmarks).

    - Fix bug where notification bar would disappear on the lyrics screen if the display went into power-save mode, or if the display powered off, or if the "album art" view re-activated somehow.

    - Ensure that the last few lines of the lyrics is viewable when scrolling to the bottom of the lyrics screen.

    - When eliminating the "remix" portion of a song during a lyrics search, search for the "(" character starting from the end of the song name string instead of the beginning.

    - On the playlist song list screen, sort the list by song name to ensure the "ABC" search function will work properly. The playlist itself will still play in its original order saved on the user's PC.

    Version 0.9.7:

    - When retrieving lyrics from the web service, use XMLHttpRequest calls instead of Ajax.Request. There may be a WebOS issue where Ajax.Request calls sometimes hang.

    - When searching for lyrics where the song title has a parenthesis (such as in remixes/mixes), search the full title first, then if that fails, search the title without the remix/mix.

    - The song title on the lyrics screen should always be surrounded by double-quotes (purely for aesthetics).

    - Fix bug where slider on lyrics screen did not function when switching from "current playlist" view instead of "album art" view.

    Version 0.9.6:

    - Adjust all elements on the "now playing - album art" screen up when a notification comes up. This will ensure the progress slider and time indicators are not covered up.

    - Add a progress slider and time indicators to the lyrics screen.

    - Change the color of the list fade bars from dark blue to black.

    - If the current track number or number of songs on the "now playing" screen is invalid for some reason, display a "-" (hyphen).

    Version 0.9.5:

    - Automatically save the position in the current track. After restarting the app, tap the "Resume Play" button located at the top of the main menu screen to resume play.

    - Stretch-to-fit wallpaper image to display size. Aspect ratio of original image will be skewed to fit display.

    - When loading a flylist, default playback mode to "repeat play".

    - Fix bug where incorrect song information in flylist was displayed when viewing "playlist" or "lyrics" view.

    - Eliminate visual artifacts with groups on Preferences screen

    Version 0.9.3:

    - "Shuffle All" on a flylist will actually shuffle the songs in a random order. Selecting a song in a flylist will start playback at that song and play the flylist in alphabetical order.

    - Cache the lyrics for the current song so if the user switches back and forth between the "now playing" and "lyrics" screen, the lyrics do not have to be pulled from the web service everytime. The cache will be cleared out when the user changes songs.

    - In the ABC selector routine, skip over any songs/artists/albums that generate an error.

    - In the ABC selector routine, skip over any songs/artists/albums where the song/artist/album is undefined.

    Version 0.9.2:

    - Update the font color for the song name, artist, and album on the lyrics screen when the user chooses a color on the preferences screen.

    - When determining whether a song is already in a flylist, only check the song name, artist, album, and file path.

    Version 0.9.1:

    - Rename flylist tables to force re-creation of the tables. This will prevent users of the previous version (0.8.1) from receiving errors when using flylists.

    - Re-disable the updating of the time indicators and slider while the app is minimized. This was re-enabled accidentally in the last release.

    Version 0.9.0:

    - Added the ability to save on-the-fly playlists ("flylists"). Songs from any song list or the Now Playing screen can be added to a flylist by tapping the "add to flylist" icon.

    - Allow the font color to be set to white or black on the "Preferences" screen.

    - Sped up the loading of the "Songs" list screen.

    - Enhanced the ABC selector searching on the Albums, Artists, and Songs lists. Added "special character" and "digit" searching.

    - stop all event listeners in all modules, as well as cleaning up all memory.

    - Tapping the titlebar on any screen will pause/play the current track.

    - Add "Flylist", "Bookmark", and "Lyrics" icons to the titlebar of the "Now Playing" screen. These options are no longer in the app's menu. Also bookmarks can no longer be saved by tapping and holding the progress slider.

    - Add the ability to switch tracks on the Lyrics screen by swiping.

    - When a track changes while on the Lyrics screen, the lyrics will update and the screen will reset to the top position.

    - Display song name, artist, and album name on the Lyrics screen.

    - If the player is paused and the user switches tracks, the player won't automatically play the next track.

    - When going back to the main menu, always scroll back to the top of the screen.

    - Fix issue where the Flylists icon would not be displayed until the app finished loading.

    - Fix bug where clearInterval() was called when seek button was released. clearTimeout() should have been called. Could this have been causing the issue with long tracks ending early when the seek button is used? (not sure...but it was a bug anyway)

    Version 0.8.1:

    - Fixed bug where back and forward seek buttons (holding them down) would not work

    Version 0.8.0:

    - On-the-fly playlists are not quite ready... But you get a little preview in this release. You may notice a new selection on the main screen called "Flylists". With the current release you can add or delete flylists, but you can't add any songs to them. Like I said...just a small sneak preview...

    - Lyric lookup added (courtesy of LyricWiki)

    - Add the ability to customize the app's background with images stored on the device.

    - Fixed bug where progress slider, song & artist info, and time indicators would move up after scrolling through songs in playlist view.

    - Cleanup the display of information on the Bookmarks screen. If song titles are too long, truncate them.

    - When viewing a list of songs (all songs, album songs, etc.), display the artist and album underneath each song.

    - Fixed bug where the titlebar on the "now playing" screen may not switch between the album art and playlist views.

    - When an error is generated in the ABC search indexing routine, skip over the current song and proceed with the next song. Hopefully this will allow people to use the ABC selector if one of their songs produces an error.

    - Remove "Edit" item from app's menu. It was pointless and took up room in the menu.

    Version 0.7.1:

    - Fix a bug where if the song name began with a non-alphanumeric character, the ABC search function on the Songs screen would not function.

    Version 0.7.0:

    - The wallpaper color is now user-modifiable via the new Preferences screen (in the app menu). The color will be saved to a database and restored when the app is restarted.

    Version 0.6.3:

    - Fixed a bug where the ABC selector in the Song List view would not function if a song in the user's collection does not have a song name defined in the tag.

    - Fixed a bug where the ABC selector in the Song list view would not function if a song name started with a lower-case letter.

    - Added error handler to routine that searches for song letter indexes. If an error occurs, details of the error will be displayed in a popup when the user tries to use the ABC selector.

    - Restored the ABC selector to the Playlist song list (per popular demand!) The playlist name still overruns the ABC selector for now.

    Version 0.6.2:

    - Fixed a bug where the track would start over when the "Now Playing" button is pressed on the titlebar.

    Version 0.6.1:

    - Fixed a bug where the progress slider, time remaining, current time, and song/artist info would be displayed in the "Song List" view.

    Version 0.6.0:

    - Bookmarks!!! When you tap and hold the slider for a second, a bookmark will be saved. Also, a "Save Bookmark" option has been added to the menu. You can play your bookmarks by going to the new "Bookmarks" section in the main menu.

    - When displaying the "Playlist" screen, hide the "ABC" element since it will mess up the text in the titlebar, and also the "ABC" list is not necessary since the number of songs in a playlist should be fairly minimal.

    - Increase the width of the slider bar and move the time remaining and current time to below the slider.

    - Increase the width of the time remaining and current time so songs longer than 1 hour will be displayed properly.

    - Re-design the "ABC" search algorithm on the "Songs" screen. The screen now pre-renders all list items (which may slow the loading of the screen down a bit), but the selection of an alphabet letter will be instantaneous. This also fixes a bug where if the song count was greater than 500, the search would not work in the opposite direction.

    - Separate out the Next, Pause/Play, and Previous buttons at the bottom of the screen.

    - Only display a "new song" notification when the music player app is not maximized.

    - In the "Now Playing" screen, instead of tapping the artist, song name, or progress slider to bring up the "Artists" screen, now you can flick up or down on the album art.

    Version 0.5.1:

    - When the app is minimized, the progress bar, time elapsed, and time remaining indicators will not be updated. This should help in reducing CPU utilization while using other apps, as well as improve battery life

    - Add a simple About screen which indicates version number

    Version 0.5.0:

    - Initial Public Revision

    Future Enhancements
    • Enhancements to flylists
    • Making the app load faster


    PreCentral Review (Part 1)
    PreCentral Review (Part 2)

    If you're interested in donating, here's the link:

    License Type

    Most of the application is derived from Palm's built-in "Music Player" app. As a result, they own most of the source code. I have modified certain portions of the app. This portion of the code is closed source. The app is free unless one day it is included in the app catalog and at that point there may be a small fee.


    This app is available in the PreCentral Homebrew Gallery and is fileCoaster-compatible.

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Quick Post: The quick way to post messages and photos to Twitter & Facebook (video link)
    Music Player (Remix): The next generation music listening experience on webOS (video link)
    GeoStrings: Set location-based reminders and never forget another task (video link)

    Twitter: @Hedami
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    Wow awesome. Does it aply the patches to the existing music app or is it a stand alone replica of the program?
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    No it's a standalone app. I didn't want to mess with Palm's built-in app just in case people didn't like the changes. The icon shows up in a lighter blue tone so it's easy to differentiate between the original and "remix" app.
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    Using it now and it is amazing. This is exactly how the built in MP should have been.
    Awesome job..
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    Thanks... Yeah I always thought the original music player was really good except for a few minor gripes. So as an exercise to learn the SDK and eliminate these little issues, I decided to do this as my first project.
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    Will download and try out later today.. looks very cool so far.

    One feature I'd love to see is to be able to create playlists.

    Maybe we would be able to play just one directory / folder as selected by the user. I can pile in a bunch of songs into a folder (using the USB connection) then your app would let me choose it and play just those tunes.
  7. #7 app
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdubdrum View Post
    Will download and try out later today.. looks very cool so far.

    One feature I'd love to see is to be able to create playlists.

    Maybe we would be able to play just one directory / folder as selected by the user. I can pile in a bunch of songs into a folder (using the USB connection) then your app would let me choose it and play just those tunes.
    I like the idea of creating playlists on the device. I'll think about the best way to do this.
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    Just wondering if you saw my bookmarking patch from back in the day?
    Patch MediaPlayer Bookmarking - WebOS Internals

    Thought it might be nice to have this feature in the remixed MediaPlayer?
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    looks HAWT! can't wait to try this. So annoying have to get out of the now playing view to ffw or RRw
    SCK Manager
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    Looks like a great media, can't wait to try it out =]
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    Greatest app ever!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by drnull View Post
    Just wondering if you saw my bookmarking patch from back in the day?
    Patch MediaPlayer Bookmarking - WebOS Internals

    Thought it might be nice to have this feature in the remixed MediaPlayer?
    I haven't seen it until now. To be honest, I haven't really thought of it since I don't read podcasts. But for people who do listen to long MP3 files, I can see how your mod would be very handy.

    Your wiki page mentions that with your mod installed the app saves bookmarks anytime certain actions are performed (pausing, hitting next, hitting previous, etc.) So does this happen with every single song playing? Wouldn't the cookies build up after awhile? I would think people wouldn't want bookmarks saved of every song they play.

    Would it make more sense to have the option to bookmark a song with a user selection of some sort?
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    Looks like what i needed. thanks!
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    My album art doesnt show up. It doesn't show up on the main music app the Pre came with. Does anyone know why??

    I've tried reloading all my songs, ive tried a reset, nothing brings them back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meangreengdub View Post
    My album art doesnt show up. It doesn't show up on the main music app the Pre came with. Does anyone know why??

    I've tried reloading all my songs, ive tried a reset, nothing brings them back.
    I've had issues with many of my tracks not showing the album art (in the original version of "Music Player").

    Are you having issues with my version, or are you referring to the original Music Player app?

    When I first started this project, I had this on my list of things I'd like to accomplish; however, after working on the project, the album art is handled by the media service, not the app. So without modifying the WebOS media service code, I don't think it'll be possible to fix this issue.
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    With both. It use to show up on the original but then it didn't all the sudden and it doesn't show up on yours either. I know other people have had trouble with this. Does it show up on yalls?? Maybe it's the file type ie. mp3...??
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    Most of my files are MP3s and yeah many of them show no album art. All of the songs I've purchased through Amazon do show up though. I think it must be the way the album art is saved in the file. I hope Palm fixes this in a future WebOS update.
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    PLAYLIST PLEASE! its horrible that u cant make ur own playlist on the pre!
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    Not trying to take away from your hard work or anything, but have you seen this thread?
    Blubble's Music App

    It's not released, but it to seems like it will be awesome.
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