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    Great app, thanks!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DanPLC View Post
    I haven't seen it until now. To be honest, I haven't really thought of it since I don't read podcasts. But for people who do listen to long MP3 files, I can see how your mod would be very handy.

    Your wiki page mentions that with your mod installed the app saves bookmarks anytime certain actions are performed (pausing, hitting next, hitting previous, etc.) So does this happen with every single song playing? Wouldn't the cookies build up after awhile? I would think people wouldn't want bookmarks saved of every song they play.

    Would it make more sense to have the option to bookmark a song with a user selection of some sort?
    Using the cookie method, yes they would build up. Perhaps a way to prevent cookie build-up is to just limit the number of cookies to the most recent 20 or so. When a 21st cookie is created, just delete the oldest cookie.

    Also, since most people just want this feature for podcasts and audiobooks, perhaps you could just auto-create bookmarks for only those genres. That's how iPod/iPhone works, and if you could do that, it would be fantastic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DanPLC View Post
    But the more I think about it, I think it would be nice for the player to automatically save the position of the last played song when exiting the app and then start off there when you run the app again. I think most portable MP3 players do this. I'll have to look into the feasibility of adding this feature.
    Yes that's the exact feature i'm talking about.

    food for thought on that. so i looked at how ipods, or at least my old 80 GB 5g does it. for normal songs it seems that skipping forward and backward does not hold the place. However, where you to turn off the player it will resume from the same spot in the song. Interestingly though if you're on a podcast and in the middle of a song it will not allow you to skip forward to the next podcast just by hitting next. When you do that it goes back to the top menu but till holds your place. even if you have ten podcasts from the same podcast maker when you start to play the file it doesn't list all the the podcasts. It says 1 0f 1. as opposed to if it was an album where it would have said 1 of 10. So it seems if you back out of an mp3 by basically going back through the menus it holds your spot but not if you try to skip forward or backwards.
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    The plan now is to implement the manual bookmarking feature, along with the automatic "restore position after reloading application" feature. The latter will be more difficult, but if it's possible I think it would be very useful to most people.

    I don't think I'm going to tackle automatically saving the position of all podcasts and audiobooks. For podcasts, the DrPodder app is available. And for audiobooks, the last read book will be saved automatically (if I can get that working). And there will also be manual bookmarking available. So if someone is reading more than one book, they can use manual bookmarks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Milominderbinder View Post

    And probably my biggest request...

    In Album view, I do not want to go through the albums by album name. We sort our albums by artist in real life and we should have that option in our music players as well.

    Apple (and now Palm) may think that people sort CD's by title but they are wrong. We sort our DVDs by title but our music is not by title but by artist.

    Please allow us to view album mode sorted by artist.

    - Craig
    Don't understand this one. isn't album name the reason for having an album category. It would seem illogical to click "album" but the results show "artists." if you want to "view album by artists" why not just start in "artist." maybe i'm not understanding it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by muppet_funk View Post
    Are you able to support .m3u playlists? I've only been able to use iTunes playlists in the built-in player.
    Can you please implement this? Palm's built in music app is incredibly unreliable when it comes to .m3u playlists. Take a look at this thread for a better perspective.

    If I wanted to use Itunes, then I would have gotten an iPhone
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    Quote Originally Posted by DanPLC View Post
    I think the way I'll implement it is to add a menu option while the "Now Playing" scene is showing called "Save Bookmark". Then on the main menu screen, I'll add a new "Bookmarks" section. Also, I think it would be beneficial to allow the user to optionally assign a title to the saved bookmark. So if they're reading an audio book, they can remember why they saved the bookmark.
    This would be great. I'm looking for something to use with audio books and your remix app does everything I need except for the bookmarking. Thanks for your work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sheltem View Post
    Can you please implement this? Palm's built in music app is incredibly unreliable when it comes to .m3u playlists. Take a look at this thread for a better perspective.

    If I wanted to use Itunes, then I would have gotten an iPhone
    I can't change the way the Pre interprets playlists. Playlists are provided to the app via the media service. I don't have control of which playlists this service provides to the app.
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    I just want to thank the developer for this app. It is a really nice app although I admit I am easily impressed and totally ignorant of what goes into creating such a thing. Nevertheless, I felt it important to thank the developer for his or her time and efforts and I look forward to playing with it as so far I have only given it the most cursory examination. Thanks again
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    great job! this app will certainly take the place of the pre music player on my Pre. Keep up the good work!
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    ok so we can or can not create playlists with this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jupiter600 View Post
    ok so we can or can not create playlists with this?
    Not currently.
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    is there anyway to get gapless payback working with your application? Also, I would love a "skip when shuffling" feature like you get with itunes and the ipod. Those may be beyond the scope of what you're doing here but those features would be really nice!
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    trying to add streaming/share support for local shares. pm me if interested.
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    Can you also look into a volume control in the app. One similar to the way you can choose what part of the song you want. If that makes sense
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    Awesome upgrade you made. Just a simple request though. Could you possibly add a feature to create playlists from the app. It is such a hassel to have to hook up the phone to the comp, open its folder and create a list and then unplug and there is my playlist. The palm centro was able to create playlists and I believe this superior phone should be able to as well. After that you seem to be the guy to tackle the photo area of this phone. We should be able to rotate pics and move them into different albums and even create albums right from the phone. Centro could do it and so therefor this phone should be able to do it. Thanks for the Remix, I look forward to some upgrades.
    Thanks Again,
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    great app, loving all the new innovations... i was thinking though, for the ABC part on the top middle when in artist mode, since it's used to avoid scrolling through all the artists or tracks or whatever, it would be cool if you didnt have to scroll through the letters themselves when hitting the button, i think that if you had all the letter up on the screen in alphabetical order it would be a lot faster and it could take up most of the screen and fit really well i feel
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    lovin the progress bard.. thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sillyricky View Post
    Hey im not too sure if this is even possible, but heres an app idea.

    How about a wireless transmitter to transmit music to a stereo? a while back i had the LG Fusic phone, and it used to have that feature. it was amazing and prevented me from dumping money on wire/cord trasmitter.

    Is this possible? or is there certain hardware that the pre needs in order to make this work?

    Thanks in advance!
    I don't know if the right hardware exists in the Pre to do this unaided, but I'm using two products to do this. First is the Motorola T505 speaker/FM-transmitter. This bluetooth device pairs up with my Pre nicely and transmits to my FM stereo better than any other device I've used (such as iTrip.)

    Another is the Insignia NS-BT300F iPod Adapter. This is another bluetooth device that is designed to plug into any iPod dock. I normally use it on my iHome clock/stereo and use my Pre to play music through it. I've also used it on my old iTrip FM transmitter (which I used with my *virtually retired* iPod classic.) It worked OK but after I got my Motorola T505 I had no more need for that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by neve View Post
    OH! I almost forgot!
    I might be totally alone on this one, but I have to say it.
    I HATE METADATA. PLEASE, somebody design a hack or an app or an option whereby I can browse the mp3's by their actual filenames, preferrably using the actual folder structure.
    I'm with you on this one!

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