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    I searched the Catalog for gauth and found nada. I searched for gregstol and found your other apps, but not GAuth.
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    Hmm, I'm not sure what the trouble is, but this link should take you directly to the app if you tap it on your TouchPad.
    My apps: FlightPredictor, LJ for WebOS (LiveJournal client), We the People, Private Browser, GAuth (Google two-factor authenticator), BoardGameGeek, PasswordHash
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    I found the problem. There is an option in the catalog to search for just Touchpad apps, phone apps or all apps. If I select "Touchpad" apps, GAuth does not show up. Only if I select phone apps or all apps does it come up.
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    Apps can be tagged "for TouchPad", where it usually means the app will use the full resolution of the TP, but may also be a marketing thing to say it will work on the TP, but not necessarily full-screen.

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