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    I wanted to do a small app for my webOS device to replace my good ol' excel (which I can't use when I'm at shopping or somewhere else) but then I found out your app... It's almost what I wanted to do except a few things. Is there any possibility to set up interest for my accounts? I get interest for the money I have in my debit card accounts and I would like it to be updated monthly instead of adding it myself. Also if I lend some money to my friends I charge them a small interest fee.
    Another thing that I would like to do is to have an investment account... Probably I could do something like this with the budget feature? Or probably I could create another category where I track the ins and outs ...I want to see on what I invest and how much more do I get back... but for each investment.

    Is there any posibility to create a patch or plugin for your app?
    Thanks a lot!
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    I've been working on interest for credit cards and savings accounts (doesn't matter actual category, just something that is set). But that has been pushed to the back burner for a while for bug fixes and higher priority features like recurring events or automated backup/syncing.

    The investment option would best be done with categories right now, but if you explain further I might be able to create something custom. I am working on split transactions which would allow you to put a single transaction in multiple categories. It currently defaults to only the transaction amount max, but that is changeable to just give a warning (non-popup) when over the transaction amount for when one wants the entire amount in multiple categories.

    For a patch or plugin created by someone other than me, I'd suggest using Checkbook HD as the basis as the code from that is going to become the code for all the other versions thanks to Enyo becoming open source. I don't have a problem with people creating Checkbook patches as long as they understand it might be absorbed in the app proper (with due credit given on the about page and in code).

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