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    Just checking the status of the budgeting feature. I see its still in beta, trying to set myself a budget for the new year (and stick with it), when I enter the budget items, some don't show any transactions (for example, groceries shows $0 spent, although I have many properly categorized transactions).
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    The budget feature should be functional in the latest update. I changed how categories are handled so that might be causing the issue? Does it not show even new transactions? Also, does it display a notification if you tap a specific budget?
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    It doesn't show transactions entered after I created the budget. When I tap on a budget item, it says "system disabled, sorry"
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    Okay, I'll look into the system more. Thought I had most of the kinks ironed out.

    The "System disabled" message is because for some reason, drilling down more would cause the app to freeze and the phone to restart... not a good thing.

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