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    I have a Sprint Palm Pixi & have been using the Checkbook App for what seems like years and have loved it but 2 days ago when I opened the app, ALL my accounts and transactions had disappeared - back to a $0.00 balance! *PLEASE* tell me there is a backup of the info...I would LOATHE starting all over again, and frankly would be hesitant to even do so if you can lose all your hard work and data at a moment's notice. I hadn't run any updates until AFTER I realized my accounts had disappeared...I thought running an update MIGHT retrieve the account info but no luck...please help
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    Contact the developer. I use this app daily and with very little problems. I don't keep much data and clear transactions after a month because it tends to lag if I don't. For me I don't need the records. I would recommend backing up your data with google documents. All you have to do is choose Export Data from Preferences and Data in the upper left menu. As far as I know there is no automatic back up but the manual is not too hard.

    To contact the developer choose help than send email from top left menu. I know the developer is a member here but not sure he will see this.

    Good Luck
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    I'll do that - thank you!
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    Replied to your email. Hopefully we can figure this out.

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