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    When I go to Reports and look at the breakdown for a particular time period, I can't successfully drill down into the individual categories for a list of sub-items. When I click on one I just get a "Transaction Search" screen with no results, I've tried changing the sorting method but it doesn't seem to help.

    At the moment the reports aren't much use to me without being able to view them more with more granularity.

    I'm on a Pre Plus, WebOS version 1.4.5, Checkbook version 0.8.781.

    Hope you can help, thanks.
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    The short of it is reports are currently bugged. I was in the process of making an update to the reporting & budgeting system when Google updated their Docs system. This required a rapid release update that was slightly buggy. I managed to fix the main systems but reporting and budgeting are still wonky. Same with the drilling down. I am working to fix that and hopefully will release something soon.
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    I released a beta update which should fix all of this now except for the view of individual transactions. I'm working on that still.

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