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    Hey Matt,

    My Palm Pre has been falling apart at the seams for the last six months, and my cautious optimism for HP to hit the HP Pre 3 and related devices out of the park have slowly been deteriorating. I'm no longer confident in webOS's chances to thrive and succeed, even with HP's financial muscle, and I'm tired of being shackled to an ecosystem that is comparatively a barren wasteland of app development, as well as being locked into a device that has aged terribly. The webOS experience - although charming, simple, and intuitive in its own right - is no longer a compelling enough draw for me to stick around and wait it out for another several months for HP to maybe or maybe not debut a new slab/keyboard-less webOS phone.

    My upgrade is up in a week, and I'll probably be switching over to an EVO 3D or a Nexus S 4G. Your Checkbook app is literally the only thing that has made or broken my entire experience on webOS, and I was wondering if you were still in the process of migrating your app over to Android? I would hate to have to throw down money for a competing finance management app that I would have to learn over again.

    Also, do you have any projection when your budget system will finally leave beta? It's a smart idea, but has been lacking on a number of key features for some time now.

    Thanks again, and I appreciate all the hard work you put into everything!
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    Checkbook does exist on Android though it is just only out of the Beta stage and the fragmentation of the Android system still allows for several issues. It is many versions behind the webOS version in terms of features. They will come in time if the interest in the app seems to be there.

    GlitchTech Checkbook, Android

    I don't do projections anymore for timelines. I horrible at them and when I do make one that seems right, education or work destroys that plan. Right now I'm not sure if the budget system will be upgraded at all on 1.x or 2.x devices. I'm planning on getting recurring transactions at least for them and then I'm probably going to develop for 3.x systems. That is not a certainty though. I may just make two versions of Checkbook and people who want a nicer looking one for the TouchPad might have to purchase a new copy.
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    I'm using the Android version now. It works great, although with limited functionality. But that's not a problem for, because I didn't use more functionality on my Pre either. Only issue I have is the app crashing almost everytime I run it. Then after the crash, running it again results in the app running just fine. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S 2 (Android 2.3).

    Are you planning a Touchpad version too?? Would be even better if the data is then synced between multiple clients.
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    I'm working on that. Hopefully in the next week I'll be able to release a patch to fix most of the crash issues. Stupid Android, bugs aren't happening on my emulator or test device...

    I'm planning on a Touchpad version, I'm just trying to figure out how to handle it. The code for the Touchpad version will work fine on 3.x phones as well but the currently code won't work as nice as I'd like on the Touchpad. It may be I do two different webOS versions, but I'm still figuring things out.
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    well like other webos uses on sprint with a 2 year old device falling apart on them. I'm looking to make the switch and your app is and has been the main reason I havent pulled the trigger yet. becasue my pre's version is more up to date then the android version will I be able to export from pre to docs then import to android version? what functionality will i loose?
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    You will be able to. Currently Android is missing most recent features that webOS has. I'm still working on:
    • PIN Lock
    • Quick Sorting
    • Running Balance
    • Reports
    • Budget System

    and probably more that I am forgetting right now. They will be coming in the future, though a bit more slowly than updates to webOS. Sorry about that, but webOS is easier to code for and I like it a whole bunch more
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    I just switched from WebOS to Android. How do I import my data from Google Docs into the Andriod version of Checkbook?

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    For anything other than Android 4.x (Ice Cream Sandwich), tap the menu icon on your phone. Then tap Accounts & Preferences. Import is available there.

    On Android 4.x, there is a bug which I am trying to fix that is preventing the import system from working.
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    Update performed to Android. Should fix a lot of bugs and issues including the 4.x Import system issues.

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