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    I can't tell from the description whether or not Checkbook can be used with Quicken. Can you please confirm if it is compatible?
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    It can't yet unless Quicken can read spreadsheet files. It only connects to Google Documents. It is a planned feature, but it won't appear until a variant of Checkbook is ready for 3.0 and Enyo at the soonest.

    I may be able to write a Java client to sync without 3.0, but we will have to see. I don't have access to Quicken right either. Once I'm ready to work on it, I'll install a trial and see what I can do with both Quicken and MSMoney.
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    another suggestion to the same point...

    Is it possible to make checkbook capable of import qif (quicken-exportfile format).
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    I'm looking into that too. That looks like a feature that will only work with 3.x webOS for local file writing without talking to a server.

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