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    I've been plaing with the import function (which I'd like to use in lieu of recurring transactions) but all my transactions come in as "Cleared" and as "Other" in the expense category so I have to pull up each imported transaction and correct them. Is there a way to code the Google doc to fix either of these issues?
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    For importing, a column called 'cleared' (no quotes) should allow you to set its state. Blank or 'no' or 'not' should set it to not be cleared.

    The column 'gtcat' is able to set the category. The current format for that column is 'Main Category|Second Category'. Example 'Income|Paycheck'

    At least that is how it is programmed. I haven't tried custom entry into these fields in a few revisions but when I originally built it, those fields work fine.
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    Ok so your directions for the first row (per the Import menu) of data is account, accountCat, date, amount, description, cleared, note (obviously in columns). Where does 'gtcat' go? I've tried adding it as the end column and tried changing the description to gtcat but in both cases I get the error "Attempting to fix bad import data". Do you have an example of your worksheet that you could make public so we have a good template to start with?

    And again, regardless, still love the app!

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    I'm such a DORK!! I just exported my data so I had all the correct headers and made my own template! That worked fabulously! Thanks again.

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