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    Hi. I am one of those who updated their Pre Plus to webOS 2.0.. in the initial phase of my "upgrade" i wasnt properly able to change my device unfo to show i am running webos 2.0... so i was able to download your app..

    then i did step 5 of the upgrade which lets the app catalog know i am using webos 2.0.. it didnt matter because your app was on my phone already.

    But did a hard reset recently...

    now i cant download your app from the app catalog, saying it cannot run on my current operating system.

    Please help... I have actually bought your app about 3 times in the process of trying our different profiles on different phone... and it is something i cannot live with out.

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    Unfortunately I do not have any control on if it shows up or not as far as I can tell. I will look into it and try to figure it out. I know there is a bug which may stop the app from starting in webOS 2.0. I won't be able to fully test it out until I receive my developer device in a week or so.
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    please do... i tried installing the beta thru wosqi but it gives me an error too.

    I NEEEED this app.... thats why i have purchased it multiple times on my devices.

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    oh btw, checkbook was working fine on my 2.0 device before i had to restart.
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    I would suggest re-doctoring using the scripts for your device.

    The newest upgrade scripts make the masqing step (step 5) unnecessary, and allow you to purchase apps that are released for 2.x download only.
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    i just did re-doctor today using the latest scripts, checkbook still won't show up onthe app catalog, or even install (the beta) thru WOSQI..

    am i doing anything wrong?
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    so its defintiely a palm profile thing.... my phone had OS 9.9.9 on the palm site... re-doctored in using an older script which doesnt affect the Palm Build, and now i am able to download it..

    can anyone with a Pre 2 confirm if Checkbook shows up or not in the app catalog?
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    It shows up just fine for a Pre 2 with 2.1 on it. I just checked using my unlocked Pre 2 & my friend's SIM card.

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