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    I love using Checkbook for webos. The screen on my pre recently cracked and is completely unresponsive. I went to upgrade my phone and decided to go with the Evo. As much as I love webos,there just wasn't a good option on webos when it came to upgrading my phone with Sprint. There are a lot of great new features I enjoy with the Evo, but one thing that it is missing is a good checkbook app. The checkbook app by Glitchetech Science is by far better than anything I've seen on Android.

    I am glad that Glitchtech Science is developing an Android app. However, I need to export all of my data stored on my pre. It has my financial records for the past 6 months. is there any way to extract the info off of the phone even though the screen isn't responsive? Is there a way to pull the files off in usb mode, or using webosquick install, or maybe a hotkey to export?

    If anyone could help that would be awesome. Also, does anyone know the status of the Android app? Thanks
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    Is it stored in the USB partition? If so, connect it to the PC and press Alt+Sym+U to put it in usb mode.
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    What data are you trying to get off specifically?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeisnowonfire View Post
    What data are you trying to get off specifically?
    The checkbook data, they did say that!

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    There are some files from the checkbook app on the usb partition, in the .appstorage folder. I removed the files from my phone in usb mode, and placed them in my girlfriends palm pre and loaded up the app on her phone, but the app didn't display any of the data. So I don't think there is any hope backing it up from the usb mode. Any other ideas?
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    have you contacted the developer of the app? he may be able to tell you how to use the file you pulled off the broken phone.
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    i'll post a proper guide once I get to an actual computer. I have a short how to written up. Since you have access to another Pre, it will be an easy fix
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    I don't know how to do it, but a friend, who is busy over his head right now, ftp'd into my phone and pulled everything off.

    I ran over my day one pre with my power seat, and touch screen died. There are instructions here somewhere.
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    Since you have access to another webOS device, it will be easy(ish) to convert the checkbook data to a spreadsheet.

    1. Run Checkbook (app catalog version) once to create the database. Don't change any settings, we are just going to delete this one in a minute.
    2. Connect your webOS Device to your computer and set it to USB Drive. (Orange/Gray + Sym + U if you cannot tap the proper button)
    3. Find a folder (you may have to enable view hidden folders) called [\.app-storage]
    4. In this folder you should see another called something like []. This folder contains you database (.db file). Copy it to your computer.
    5. Now connect the functional device to the computer in USB mode. Make sure Checkbook is loading on the function device and make sure you have run it at least once.
    6. Find the Checkbook folder in your functional device.
    7. Copy the name of the .db file in this folder.
    8. Rename the file on your computer to the name you just copied.
    9. Replace the file on your phone with the file on your computer. There should only be the renamed file in this folder now.
    10. Exit USB mode and run Checkbook (app catalog). You should have all your data copied over. Run the Export system to send all your Checkbook data to Google Documents.
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    Thanks so much. I think I tried to do something similar to that, but probably not 100% the right way. I will try again when I get home tonight. Any idea when the Android app will be available?
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    It is under construction. I'm having trouble with a few features. I'm also trying to figure out how to do running balance on Android since the way I did it in webOS will not work at all.
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    Thanks, i followed your instructions and it worked very well. I am looking forward to buying your app when it is available on abdroid. Until then, i bought A palm pixi plus and am using it with wifi only and can continue to use your app and webos. Thanks again

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