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    This is a very nice app. The interface is nice to look at, pleasant to use and intuitive. For my use, I would require recurring transactions and reminders. I need to have a pop-up reminder and/or a calendar reminder for bills, in particular. And, I really don't want re-enter my many recurring transactions. Even being able to just open a transaction and "save as new" would help, I typically just need to dit the date. Good luck with development.
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    What app are you referring to?

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    This is for the webOS checkbook app, it's actually posted under their forum. I had to open my browser to check. LOL

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    working on repeating transactions. I'm currently alpha testing and optimizing them on my personal device now.

    and there is a save as new feature in the latest version. Hold a finger on the gesture area (below screen but not button) and tap the transaction. That move will also goto edit mode on an account.

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