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    Right now I use an external application but I want to be able to include a section for bills. Even if it doesn't run into the totals... so see a screen to make sure I have all my bills would be helpful.
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    I hadn't thought of it before, but I agree.

    I currently keep a list of bills-to-be-paid in a memo. When I do my bills on payday, I have to switch back and forth between Memo and Checkbook.
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    This is something I am looking into.
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    Niiiiiice! I also think you should up the price for this app because then it would have EVERYTHING a person could think about other than "improvements" it has all features.
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    sooo any update on this?
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    Still trying to get Recurring transactions up and running. Sorry, school doesn't let me work too much on fun stuff like Checkbook.
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    Cool! - "Stay in School"
    One thought would be to have a list of recurring transactions. Assign one to each account and a start date. Then when the bill will be copied to the next month once the "current" "transaction" has been cleared. ... Not sure but I think the code would be more simple.
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    My current mock up of it is to have a Bills Section. Once you mark a Bill as paid, it would create a new transaction asking you for the account paid from. Overall it would be a simple system. I don't want it to be too complicated else it would be better off in its own app. Even if it did become its own app, I would make sure integration into Checkbook would be nearly seemless.

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