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    Hey Ryltar -- Now that you have your own subforum, I don't know if you want to have a different way to handle suggestions and roadmap (maybe you want to create a requested feature list starting point before allowing others to comment -- if so, feel free to 'moderate' this thread away and create your own...) Otherwise, this thread might get bogged down with things you've already added to your roadmap..

    The one UI feature I wanted to suggest which I haven't seen mentioned would be an easy way to increment/decrement the tx date from the main tx entry scene. I know I can click into the date and use the +/- buttons there, but since I don't care about transaction time, I was wondering what you / others think about optionally replacing display of the tx time in the with a + button and - button which dynamically change the date by 1 day each press. I'm almost always entering tx data no more than two days back so being able to do so without changing scenes would be more convenient. tapping on the date itself would bring up your date entry scene as it currently does...

    Just a thought - I'm all for the legacy palm approach to have fewer key presses!!!
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    I'll look into that. I think I would link it to the account preference of showing the time. Wouldn't take to much, just have to see if I like how the UI works.

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