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    Another idea I had today was to duplicate an entire existing transaction as a template for a new one. Unfortunately for me, I go to starbucks most every day and generally eat lunch in our Cafeteria in our building on most days. Most every day it's $3 to starbux and $7 to Rebecca's....

    It would be cool if I could meta-tap (or in WebOS 2.x -- use alternative gestures like 2-finger tap, double-tap, or tap and hold) on an existing entry in a transaction list and have it open as a new entry with all fields filled in exactly the same (including the amount $$), but with today's date.

    The current implementation of Auto-fill works really well and is totally usable, but you still have to open the keyboard. So this would definitely be a feature for the more advanced users -- basically it just saves the user from having to open the Pre keyboard at all (as long as the amount is the same) - with autofill, you have to use the kb to type the first few letters of the Payee and then enter the amount.

    Just another idea. No worries if it doesn't become a top priority. Still loving Checkbook as it is.
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    Interesting idea. I'll look into it. Maybe add a detection to the description field for the special tap and have it drop down recent transactions for duplication...
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    Cool. Thanks. Also, I see the format you're looking to see to manage this forum. In the future, I'll follow suit...
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    Just trying making it easier to separate what goes where. That way I can mark a thread as completed once I get a feature up and running.
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    This feature will be in the next beta release (coming soon).
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    Hey Ryltar -- I just updated my Sprint-Pre+ to WebOS 2.0, so I really am working with a truly Franken-device and I thus have no expectations of you or any other developer to make updates... but I did want to let you know that this feature appears to be broken under WebOS 2.0.... meta-tap on an existing item merely brings up that item now instead of creating a new copy with today's date (at least for me).

    Not sure if you are working with a 2.0 device yet, but thought I'd drop you a note and see if anyone else can corroborate. Personally, I really liked the feature while it worked and appreciate you taking the suggestion.
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    I haven't had a chance to work with 2.0 yet, but I know there are a few problems I am trying to iron out in 2.0. I believe Meta-Taps are removed from 2.0+ functionality so I will be changing it from a Meta-Tap to a Two-Finger tap for anything 2.0 or higher.

    I'll be getting my Pre 2 device in a week or so and then I'll be able to do some 2.0 work and figure things out. I'll probably end up making Fraken-Pre out of it and my Sprint Pre- as well if there isn't device news from Sprint by April or May.
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    Thanks man. No Rush-- the app is still doing everything I need it to do for my wife and I.

    On an OT note, I FINALLY did my first import of my cash (wallet) account into quicken over the weekend -- about 4 months of data (I've been a financial slacker). Worked great using XL2QIF. Main problem for many ppl will be that recent versions of Quicken only allow QIF import into non-banking accounts (i.e. no checking, savings, credit card accounts, etc...) For me this isn't an issue since I use Quicken for all of the 'big' personal finance stuff and use Checkbook just for two cash accounts: my wallet and work travel accounts. I'd still like to post a quick how-to for quicken import for others' reference. Now that I've done it once myself, it should be a quick post. Would you like that or would it just confuse things as you work to incorporate quicken export into the app?
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    Definitely do it. I will even add a note to the Export system that links to your guide. It would also help me streamline the process in future updates.

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