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    First of all, I LOVE your app. It has helped immensely. I recently purchased the paid version in the App Catalog and was wondering if there was an easy way to transfer my accounts without having to go through Google Docs.
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    You can. You will have to move the actual db file but it is not too hard.

    1. Run Checkbook (app catalog version) once to create the database. Don't change any settings, we are just going to delete this one in a minute.
    2. Connect your webOS Device to your computer and set it to USB Drive.
    3. Find a folder (you may have to enable view hidden folders) called [\.app-storage]
    4. In this folder you should see another called something like []. This folder contains you beta database (.db file). Copy it to your computer.
    5. There is another folder in [.\app-storage] that you will need to open. It should called something like []. (No beta in the wording)
    6. Copy the name of the .db file in this folder.
    7. Rename the file on your computer to the name you just copied.
    8. Replace the file on your phone with the file on your computer. There should only be the renamed file in this folder now.
    9. Exit USB mode and run Checkbook (app catalog). You should have all your data copied over. You can now delete Checkbook Beta if you would like.

    I am working on a better sync system, but it is in the early stages right now. The new sync system will allow for information be shared between devices (or between live and beta) when it is done. I'm looking at also doing a proper web interface so you can even enter transactions online after I finish the sync system.
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    Thanks. And again, thank you for you work on this app!

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