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    Does anyone here have some good insight, or links to good articles, on the Bill of Materials for the latest Treos? I've seen articles from last year on the 600, but I'm more interested in updated (2005) numbers on the overall cost of the components of the Treo, and the names of the suppliers for the major components (I don't need to know every mfg for every little item on the pcb, just the major stuff).

    I'm working on an article on the costs of what's inside a variety of devices. I've found good info on the Video iPod, but still need to get info on the Treo, Blackberry, ROKR and other smartphones available to the US market. Yes, I know that reports are available for purchase that include everything I need, plus tons of info that I don't care about, but I can't pay $2500 per device for the info I'm after. Heck, I'm not going to make that much for my entire piece.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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