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    I have a Treo 600 with TMobile, but my service is horrible (I cannot get a signal in my office at Rockefeller Center). Is it possible to enhance my reception or is this characteristics of a Palm?
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    Do other T-Mobile phones get service in the same location?
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    Yes, they do get reception. Oddly enough, I won't get reception for 3 hours and then all of a sudden, I am at 3 bars. TMobile did do a sight enhancement throught the network after I called. I do get a look of "static" or interference with my calls and usually a drop.

    I am hesitant to switch to a 650 and may wait for the Motorola Q since I have had really good look with Motorola phones in past.
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    The Treo has a strong radio. You may find that switching phone companies will provide you with better relief from reception issues than switching phones.

    Cingular/AT&T may have a better network in NY.

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