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    Hello everyone,

    I love my treo650 and can't imagine life without.. I'm sure some of you can relate Unfortunately, it pisses off my girlfriend so much she can't wait to throw it out the window!

    Anyway herein lies my problem. Everytime I get a call from a number not listed in my contacts upon ending the call it asks me if I want to create a new contact from that number. What I want to know is how I add that number to an EXISTING contact, rather than making a new contact and copy and pasting the number over. This is so frustration for me, and I'd really appreciate your help since you are all gurus!

    Thank You,


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    Another way would be to hangup the call (withouta addind as a contact) open the call log go to the # you want to save, hit details then hit copy phone #. next open the contact you want to add it to and paste.
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    Sorry I've never been able to just add the number to an existing contact. I always have to copy and paste.
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    Sounds like a patch is needed here. I am also annoyed by this....

    PALM ONE!!! HELP!!!
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    Yeah this is kinda annoying after getting used to it on other phones. I hope they decide to change this to make it a little easier.

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