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    I added all my contacts to my palm desktop thing on my computer, but when i sync my treo, it still says i only have 2 contacts (the default technical support and accessories)

    how do i get it to tranfer my contacts from my PC to my phone?

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    Go to the hot sync settings in the software and make sure you have contacts set to syncronize.

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    it says "contacts (outlook)" then its set to sink

    still not working =(
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    Thats it, your not syncing to outlook, your syncing palm desktop. change for the palm desktop and you'll see them come in after sync
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    Or you could add all your contacts to Outlook...
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    yes. most likely when u installed the software u told it to sync your contacts, datebook, and tasks with MS outlook.

    u will need to find the settings and change them to sync with Palm Desktop (Palm's built in contact, task, and datebook manager).

    if u prefer outlook, then u will need to get the contacts to outlook. if u want to do this, i'm sure u can get a fast way to do this by posing the question to the forum

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