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    I'm in the market for a Treo like device and currently use Mac OS 10.3.9, Palm OS 4.2.1 for my memos, address, calendar, to dos. What phone with pda compabilities do you recommend? I would be willing to dea with most software upgrades. My palm V gave up the ghost and my mobile is nearing its useful life. Suggestions and tips??
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    Ummmm,,,, how bout a Treo 650....... I heard they were pretty cool
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    There is nothing else on the market. And they keep updating the firmware for the 650. If you want cheaper ones, get the Treo.

    Or Sprint PPC6700 if you have discount with Sprint.

    Or wait for the iPhone obviously.
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    I would get the HTC 8125 from Cingular. That phone is gonn be HUGE! I can'twait to get it!
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    What software do you use to connect effective connect the computer (in my case a Mac) and the Treo? Will the treo take both work, home mailing addresses as well as attched memos? I'm currently using Palm's desktop software.


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