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    I'd like to transfer all my contact, old SMS to TREO650, conviniently. Any tips? Thanks!
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    Was the SGH a Palm OS device and does it beam?

    One way would be to beam it over.

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    Cheers, Perry
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    dindang: I used to have an SGH-S307 phone and I used EasyGPRS to backup/synchronize data. It doesn't integrate directly with Microsoft Outlook, but it is capable of exporting/importing CSV file. The S307 has the IR port so was able to communicate that way, however you need a data cable if your phone doesn't have the IR. I downloaded the software from Samsung, but I don't believe they offer it for free download anymore. I looked for my install file, but I believe I ditched it when I got rid of the phone. Anyway, if you get a hold of the software, you can import all the phone data to the PC, export to CSV and work with it from there. Or if your phone has the IR, it's probably best to go directly to the 650. Good Luck!
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    Oh...Here's a little info on it from Samsung's site:
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    Thanks for all of your responses! I will try ..
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    Thanks for all of your responses! I just found this web site might offer free download... hope I have good luck with it. Thanks again!

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