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    I use to own a Razr, and the definitive website for hacking a Razr was that im getting a Treo...what is the main site for learning how to mod it?
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    Welcome and we hope you enjoy your new Treo !!! IMHO the main websites for hacking on the Treo would be this website and also Hope this heps. God Bless.
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    I'd like to know too. I have a few devices I'd like to hack/mod, including my old Treo 300.

    Although I'm mostly a "point- and-click" type end-user, I recently turned an old iPaq 3650 into a digital picture frame. I also "Verizonized" a buddy's Sprint 650... but all this really means is that I can follow directions pretty well!

    The 300's screen resolution isn't high enough for the pic frame idea, but anybody have some ideas what I could/should do to it?
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    If you need some easy info you may find it here
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    thanks alot guys =).

    I'm not a treo user yet (i have to go today to haggle with the cingular people) but I should have one by tonight. =D
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    I'm going to turn my T650-Cingular Branded all black.

    Even the antenna.

    Just figuring out how to do it safely without harming thy Treo...
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