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    I posted the same thing over at pdaphonehome, but so far no response... Hoping for more info from dedicated Treo forum...

    I'm very close to jumping in the Treo 650 world, and I don't know that either of these questions would be deal breakers, but I would like to know.

    If you are in a "data session", surfing the net, running Instant Messenger, etc, and a phone call comes in, does it bump the data session and get through or is it sent straight to voice mail?

    Would it matter if you were in an "EDGE" area or not? I don't think I am....

    Also - my brother actually has a 650, and says that once you get past a few quirks, he is pretty happy with it - I was talking to him about unattended e-mail checking, and he says that every 15 minutes, his wakes up, calls to connect, does a send / receive, disconnects, then goes back to sleep. --- Awesome! The part I'm curious about is the "calls to connect" bit... Isn't it always connected?
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    With Cingular you will be on the GPRS or EDGE network for data. While it still may go straight to voice mail, i have found that calls come in 90+% of the time when im online. I have had calls interrupt data transfers, web page loads, etc. This is a much bigger problem for CDMA users.
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    I just upgraded from a 600 to a 650 and I love it. It is much more than an incremental upgrade to me. The hi-res screen is just awesome, it makes the phone much more useful.

    Regarding data sessions being interrupted by a voice call -- I tested this the other day and found that the voice call went straight to VM, which kinda sucks, as I'd rather have it interrupt. I was connected to a streaming radio station via pTunes, so maybe if I had been web surfing instead (which is not a constant stream of data like radio streaming), the call would have come thru.
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    Yes, if you have fairly constant or very busy GPRS activity, then the call may get diverted. But if you are doing the more typical email, web, IM, etc... the call will get through and "pause" the data traffic.
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    Mine interrupts data (including checking email) for a call MOST of the time.

    Also, it wakes up, establishes a connection and checks mail. There is no "call" involved.

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