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    One of my friends had a Treo 300 and it's flip broke off after a few months.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmie Geddes
    One of my friends had a Treo 300 and it's flip broke off after a few months.
    The 270/300 looked more like it had a deluxe flip cover, more than a true flip phone. The ear speaker was in the flip lid, right? But the screen was part of the tablet.

    The Treo Flipper would be a true flip-phone with most of the weight down on the low side. The flip would include the 2 OLED displays whic would be very light. Although the flip hinge and the thin bezel would have to be very strong.
    Patrick Horne
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    I don't think you can compare the T300 with modern flip phones. When have you EVER heard of the top flip portion of a Razor, Samsun I500, or any other modern flip phone failing. LiveFaith is right - the T300 (I owned one) was built more like a screen cover (think Treo 90) than a flip phone.
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    This is a drawing of a clamshell phone which is by far the most popular design, just look at the majority of the phones made. I agree with others flip phones suck.

    I in a frustrated struggle I was pulling my Kyocera 7135 out of its holster while holding a bag of groceries on my way to the car after an argument. My shirt was caught in the holster. I accidentally sent my 7135 flying in a 6 foot high, 11 foot long, end over end, rainbow projection, eventually slamming down on the pavement. There were 2 marred corners and scuffs from when it slid 8 feet, but:

    The battery cover didnt fly off!
    The SD card didnt eject towards oblivion!
    The screen wasnt cracked!

    This thing was made better than the treo. I dropped my treo because I forgot I laid it on my lap while driving and then got out of the car. SD card, battery and cover, phone all went different directions.
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    A flip phone has a thin lid which is usually just ment to protect the phone. A clamshell has half the weight and workings in each side of the phone.
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    I really like it.

    I like flip phones because I can talk very softly and still be heard since the microphone can be place very near your mouth instead of 2-3 inches away candy bar designs require. Remember, all phones before cell phones extended from your ear to your mouth. There's a reason for this.

    The extra screen real estate would be fantastic for web browsing and document viewing. I don't use Documents to Go much since it's often too much of a hassle to keep scrolling back and forth. Every extra square centimeter helps alleviate this.

    Aren't the quality issues with flip phones worked out with the newer flips? I don't think it's absolutely necessary to sacrifice quality in order to have a flip design.

    One design improvement - How about a row of recessed exterior buttons below the exterior display to access commonly used programs? For instance, it'd be nice to operate the camera, or a voice recorder, or a mp3 player and so forth without having to open the flip. In the ideal world, these buttons would be user programmable. Also I'm assuming the exterior ringer switch the 650 has would stick around.
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    Here are two designs I made a long, long time ago. They are based on the Treo 300 (obviously), but don't get too worked up about that. They could be made narrower, the antenna could possibly be dropped (at least on the GSM models), and we'd definitely want to adopt the Treo 600/650 D-Pad into these designs.

    The important thing to take note of is that I think a flip with some useful alternate buttons on the outside could be neat. Another design I didn't mock up might be one where the buttons on the outside were optimized for MP3 usage.

    Anyways, here they are:

    Gamer-focused design:

    Phone keypad design:
    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    I sorta miss my geeky ole 300!
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    Clamshell maximizes the "pocketability" while giving the screen max protection. Every time I put the T650 in my pocket, even with screen protection, I cringe. I'd love to have a Samsung i500 size modern smartphone. Maybe the HTC Star Trek (May 2006) will deserve a closer look. BUT, it wouldn't have that handy Treo keyboard.
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    Treo Flipper would have it all, but I don't think it could be as small as the SPH-i500 due to the HVGA.
    Patrick Horne
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    Let's fact it. The Treo has achieved the sweetspot in the smartphone market with it's currrent form factor. I would expect some small changes to the design by way of the elimination of the antenna, adding/eliminating some of the hard buttons and potentially screen real estate, maybe a longer screen vs. wider to turn 90 degrees and use as a media player for widescreen content/ spreadsheets, etc.

    I'd say count on a candybar form and a thumbboard (potentially hidden when not in use, until voice input is commonplace) for the forseeable future.
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    my thoughts exactly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ghiscott
    I traded my Samsung I500 in for a Treo650. The samsung I500 (palm based) was a heck of a great phone! Reliable and very sturdy, Samsung should have updated the processor and added bluetooth. Oh well. We will find ways to make the treo work....
    I traded my Treo 650 in for a Samsung i500.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deesugar

    Those of us who had the Treo 300 and paid the price know a PDA flip phone will never work. I'm not even that keen on the slider concept but I know at least that's more feasible.

    I had a 300, worked great for a year or two, then I upgraded to the 600, and then to the 650.

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