I was having a heck of a time configuring my Treo 650 with Exchange Activesync with Small Business Server 2003.

First I blamed the self-generated SSL certificate since I couldn't find a way to import and trust it into the Palm OS (turns out Palm doesn't care), then I went through all the IIS folder security settings, then I went through the registry hacks for secondary SMTP addresses but I just couldn't get myself to risk mucking up my exchange server by exporting and re-importing the Exchange virtual directories.

Then I remembered a previous clients issues with SBS 2003 and ISA 2004 where certain web folders just would not expose themselves despite having marked off all the checkboxes in the Configure Email & Internet Connection Wizard.

The answer?

Selecting the radio button for "allow access to all of the website fromthe internet". Dismiss the warning and whoosh! Off to the races! I'm now synched and ready to hit the streets with my email/calendar/tasklist at the ready.

Now to figure out how to get my contacts across...