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    When I pick an individual contact on my Treo and view it, ‘Home’ information shows (labeled) as ‘Work’. Then when I chose to edit and get into the record, ‘Home’ shows as ‘Home’!, no problem there.

    Having said this…

    1- Confusion does not apply to all individual records and does not happen to any data when it is in Outlook.
    I also noticed that some addresses with full home address (because some of them filled only with city, state, etc) don't not get effected if it address is complete, in other words data starting from the ‘Addr’ (address) line, then ‘Home’ appears as ‘Home’ on the view.

    2- In some instances, I also see data residue for unexplained reasons. This always happen on the 'Country' information on ‘Home’ area.
    I wonder if it is due to sharing one blank 'country' line to begin with on the Treo which gets confused after interfacing with Outlook.

    Anyone has any idea or experienced similar things?
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    I happened to solve the second question by myself but the first question remains still mystery to me.

    I did some digging in Contacts using my pc in Outlook and went further detail on the fields. Rather that 'Frequently Used Fields' I selected 'All Contacts Fields' on the drop down menu in 'Customize Current View' section. I noticed that 'country' for 'work' field is also seperate (how it should be). So, by adding the field and clicking yes to view it on the listing view, I was able to see all remnant data specific to country data for work addresses. Then, immediately cleaned up, synced to my Treo, bam! No more irrevelant data I used to be seeing.

    Still expecting feedback regarding my first question. I have no clue so far!
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