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    I have been thinking this since I have started using my Treo. So, instead of pondering just myself, I decided to open up to your thoughts. (If it does not reach Treo designers, at least I satisfy my curiosity.)

    I am raising the question without being I an expert on this, which however may be directly related to hardware durability, screen ratios, even cost and software issues, therefore, the current screen size may be the most optimized. But, I am wondering if we could get a larger screen on next generation Treo to able to view things in a larger area by having the outer size the same as current ones?

    Looking at the current screen, there is some space around that seemingly may be utilized by stretching the screen size a bit. Measuring in millimeters, current viewable screen size is approximately 44x44 mm. If I did not need to care about any other criteria, I see that I can add another 2-3 mm (from viewable lines) on each side. And increased 46x46 or 47x47 screen size would give 9.3% and 14.1% more viewable area, respectively.

    If screen does not have to be square, then it could be stretched 2 mm more on top and bottom sides, so increase would be 23.8% to current viewable space.

    Possibility and thoughts?...
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    Any extra screen size would be good, but doubt they will do it with any Treo's in the near future.
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    Knowing that next Treo is in progress for 2006, I doubt as well that a larger screen Treo will not happen to reach us the users at least another 2 years.

    I am hopeful though that Palm realizes one day that a bigger screen on Treos will be a good thing for their user community (I am not saying 'customers')

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