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    I have a verizon 650. Is there any sort of speed dial or voice dial on this phone or do you have to buy programs to do that? I have all my numbers in contacts, but i wish there was an easier way to dial my most dialed contacts.

    Also, is there anyway to get ringtones if i dont have a data plan and cant email files to my phone to save them as ringtones? Can you get them downloaded onto your computer and then transfer them via hot sync?
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    Yes to all.
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    Speed dials are the bluish boxes at the bottom of the phone dial screen - scroll down and you should see blank ones (across 5 screens) that you can use to add more speed dial (phone numbers or applications). When you edit them, you can assign "quick keys" using the keyboard to let you press and hold a button and dial. Voice dial is not built into the phone however - you have to add (i.e. buy) that app.
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    Sorry to be so ignorant I figured out all the options but how do I select a specific downloaded ringtone and assign it to a specific person.
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    From what I have been able to determine, you can only do this for people you set on the favorite pages (i.e. speed dials) - when you assign them to one of the favorites boxes, you can choose to set a one-button "quick-key" and/or a specific ringtone for that person. In preferences, you can set specific ringtones for known vs. unknown callers.

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