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    The volume in my ear piece is SO low that I have to use my phone BACKWARDS! Meaning I put it on speaker phone (low volume) and put the back speaker to my ear just to hear!!


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    Get VolumeCare amd turn that thing around!
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    I had it, cause too many problems with other apps and resets.
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    sound like you need a headset..
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    Quote Originally Posted by MedicWill
    I had it, cause too many problems with other apps and resets.
    Sorry, but you must have some cruddy "other apps", I've never had a *single* problem with VolumeCare, and I run a bunch of stuff on mine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus
    Sorry, but you must have some cruddy "other apps", I've never had a *single* problem with VolumeCare, and I run a bunch of stuff on mine.

    You must be joking me. Im not a NOOB and there are plenty posts on here with volumecare causing problems. But hey congrats that you got none, yay for you.

    Otheriwse, im agianst paying for something I think the phone should do already. And considering the new update coming soon for cingular ill wait.

    And yes people I have a BT headset and wired set. So what? Because the volume is low im not supposed to use it? Just accept it? If you guys wanna roll over like pussies go for it, but keep your lame comments to yourself.
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    Have you had your hearing checked lately? Maybe that's the problem.
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    Wow, did Mr. sensitive wake up first this monday morning?!?! The suggestion about volumecare wasn't meant as a knock on you, it was mearly a "suggestion" since thats why you seemed to post the first comment!
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    WOW! Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed.

    Anyway, volumecare works great and issues that came up were promptly taken care of by Jeff Gibson.

    Some people rather not mess with it though and I guess it's understandable. Who wants to pay extra for basic functions? But if you don't want to hear suggestions, don't post a problem.
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    Who pissed in your milk this morning?
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    Sorry guys, I knew about volumecare but I was really makinh more just a comment jokingly about the poor volume levels.
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    Before VolumeCare I would often do what you originally posted. A Bluetooth headset took care of that (don't like holding cell phones to my head anyway). I did buy VolumeCare for those ocassions when I don't have my headset and the other volume boosts were good too. I agree that VolumeCare shouldn't be needed, but since it is, I'm glad Jeff developed it.
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    I too had to purchase volumecare, which I have found to work flawlessly with my other apps, though I am carefull which third-party, "always running in the background" apps I have.

    Though I can sympathize that one shouldn't have to pay for functionality that should have been built-in, I can only ask this:

    Do you want to be morally right, or do you want to hear conversations from the earpiece like a normal human being?

    Though I enjoy being morally right whenever I can, I like hearing conversations more.

    If you're having problems with volumecare, why not let us help you diagnose the problem for you?

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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    I have VolumnCare installed and have experienced the issue your talking about. The volumn gets very soft, I could barely hear anything. It was ALOT quieter than normal.

    I ended up going back into VolumeCare and disabed it, then reenabled it again. Everything works fine now. I'm not sure what exactly caused this, but it only happened to me once.
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    Ok you guys have inspired me to try volumecare again. I'll get the newest version and see what happens.
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    Since I am blind in one eye and can't see out of the other, I use a BT headset. So the Issue of the the T650 being forward or backward, up or down or lost somewhere in the truck is a mute subject.

    I am using volume care 4.38 just in case I can't find my BT headset and I actually have to put the phone up to my head and use it.

    So the issue of the T650 being forward or backward, up or down is still a mute subject, because I can still hear the conversation with volume care no matter which speaker the sound is eminating from.....

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    OP: I also have an older version that works great for me if you want to try it as well.
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    Yea maye I need an older version?

    As of now I've installed the newest version and the phone is acting up. I can't say forsure the problems are from volumecare, but I havnt installed anything else.

    My problems now are the common problem of the phone not waking up on the first button(power) press. This is a problem I cannot stand and I will have to leave volumecare again if it indeed is causing my problems.

    Also, I've been getting crashes when accepting a file to download with blazer. I doubt that has anything to do with volumecare though...
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    OK, now we're getting somewhere.

    What other programs do you have that always run in the background? Do you have takephone?

    Have you run PalmInternals? What is your speed test result? What programs run under HEDE?

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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    I tried the trial version of Volume Care last week for my Treo 650 and it made my ROAM indicator show up on the screen. Do you think I will be okay to download the full version, it seems everyone is fine with it. I only have Resco backup and msafe on my 650 now. I am still a newbie,
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